John Mearsheimer Speaks at ChoMUN Opening Ceremonies

by KFC on April 8, 2012

John Mearsheimer, the famous international relations theorist responsible for the concept of offensive realism and a professor of political science at the University of Chicago, spoke at Opening Ceremonies at the Chicago Model United Nations (ChoMUN VX) conference this past weekend. Every college Model UN delegate has probably read Mearsheimer’s works in their political science or international relations classes at some point and were very excited for his keynote speech, and Mearsheimer did not disappoint.

Mearsheimer’s talk was about why international politics is a nasty and brutish business and he explains why the structure of the international relations system which is characterized by anarchy with no higher authority, offensive military capability, and uncertainty of other states’ intentions, lead to this. He also put a humorous spin on some analogies such as divorce, bullies on the playground, and drug deals to drive his points home. Unfortunately, I don’t have video footage of the University of Toronto’s head delegate, Aimee Quenneville,¬†¬†refuting Mearsheimer about how the U.S. supposedly defeated Canada in the War of 1812.

Here are several other photos from Opening Ceremonies:

ChoMUN XV Secretary-General Rohan Sandhu welcomes over 800 delegates to their crisis-oriented conference in Chicago.

John Mearsheimer spoke at ChoMUN Opening Ceremonies

Delegates who've studied John Mearsheimer in their political science classes naturally went up to speak with him afterward. Mearsheimer even went into several committees to speak with delegates who didn't get a chance to ask their questions to him during Opening Ceremonies.

The Mount Holyoke team is fresh off running their own FCMUN crisis conference last weekend and is ready for ChoMUN!

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