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Laguna Hills High School MUN Recap

by Ryan on February 26, 2011

I had a great time visiting LHHSMUN 2011 today. The conference drew 450 delegates from neighboring schools around Orange County, including Mission Viejo, Santa Margarita, Tustin, El Toro, and Capistrano Valley. Committees catered mostly to novice delegates but simulations of the Security Council and a fictional resource war on the moon (!) challenged more advanced delegates.

Secretary-General Selene van der Walt with her father

I had a chance to interview Secretary-General┬áSelene van der Walt, whom I realized is the first high school student and Secretary-General that I’ve interviewed. Selene and her family moved from South Africa to Laguna Hills when she was a sophomore. She almost didn’t join MUN because she was afraid to get up and speak in front of her peers — little did she know that, three years later, she would lead her peers as their Secretary-General.

The conference also raised money for Falling Whistles, a charity that helps children of war in the Congo.

In the year 2022, US and Russia fight a new Cold War over resources on the moon:

The staff of the Moon Crisis Commission pose with a Risk-like map of the moon:

The Security Council discusses what to do with loose nukes in Iran:

The delegates of 6th Legal debate like a champion:

And between mullets and really bright shirts, the delegates and staff of LHHSMUN certainly had a sense of style:

Thank you to Selene, Ms. Geiger, and the LHHSMUN Secretariat and parents for letting me visit! Congratulations to all delegates and staff on a wonderful conference!

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