Liveblog: BarMUN VI, Friday, October 11, 2013

by Mari on October 11, 2013

Committee continues at BarMUN VI. (Photo Courtesy of BarMUN Secretariat)

Committee continues at BarMUN VI. (Photo Courtesy of BarMUN Secretariat)

(Liveblog written by Hannah Lowry, Chargée d’Affaires for BarMUN VI)

With committee still running smoothly and debate still flowing, BarMUN VI delegates complete their second day of the conference and gear up for the last push of the weekend.

On the historical track, delegates are seeing integration run smoothly, with the White House Senior Staff delegates reacting to a bombing of their embassy in Kenya and CNN is working to protect their journalists around the world while still collecting their necessary information. Dick Cheney has been reported as accepting bribes amounting to thousands of dollars and Halliburton has been working to try and resolve parts of the accident that took place in Kenya. Currently functioning in September 1992, the track is moving along nicely.

On the modern track, taking place in today’s work, a banking war has begun between HSBC Latin America and Huawei, an ECHELON delegate has been captured and tortured, and all committees are beefing up their security networks- both cyber and physical. It has been leaked in the morning updates that ECHELON has had some relations with France, Huawei, HSBC and the Chinese government. McKinsey has been funding some small industry growth in Mali and North Korea has recently implemented a wide spread tourism initiative. Overall, the track is coming together fantastically, and delegates seem to be really enjoying themselves.

After a long day of committee, head delegates met at the Hyatt for a quick delegate social before going back to their teams to unwind (in whatever way works for them). Teams seemed to take it easy last night, clearly preparing for the notorious BarMUN boat party, which starts on Saturday night and will be the highlight of the conference for sure (it always is!).

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