Liveblog: BarMUN VI, Thursday, October 10th, 2013

by Mari on October 10, 2013

(Liveblog written by Hannah Lowry, Chargée d’Affaires for BarMUN VI)

BarMUN is probably the most un-MUN conference one has ever seen, returning with a whole new array of boards and cabinets, both historical and modern, and as always, fully integrated. With our historical track set in June of 1992, and our modern committee simulating current events, the conference is back and in full swing. This year’s theme? The difference between knowledge and perception.

BarMUN VI is off to a roaring start, with delegates arriving in Boston today and participating in the first committee session of the weekend.  After opening ceremonies, at which Muthoni Muriu from this year’s charity partner, Oxfam International, and Dr. William Keylor helped to kick off the sixth annual BarMUN, delegates switched into committee mode and began the weekend with a crisis update right away. On the modern track, a video by the hacktivist group, Anonymous, spread across the committee rooms and delegates reacted quickly, launching straight into some fantastic debate and setting the bar high for the weekend.

MSU Delegate Anzar Abbas addresses his committee on Thursday night at BarMUN VI. (Photo Courtesy of BarMUN Secretariat)

Anzar Abbas (Michigan State University) addresses his committee on Thursday night at BarMUN VI. (Photo Courtesy of BarMUN Secretariat)

On the historical track, committees began with individual crisis updates that CDs and delegates worked to their advantage to integrate across the track. Pushing their committees towards a common goal, crisis directions and crisis staff worked furiously on notes and updates in the crisis room, and overall, everything went smoothly.

With the first day complete and the weekend well underway, delegates have a bit of an idea of what to expect, crisis staff, directors, chairs, and the secretariat are settling in and preparing for the rest of what is sure to be a fantastic weekend. And yes, the boat party is back.

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