London International Model United Nations (LIMUN) Liveblog: Europe’s Largest College MUN Conference Inspires Students to Shape the Future

by KFC on February 13, 2012

LIMUN in action

The London International Model United Nations (LIMUN) is Europe’s largest college conference with a record 1,300 delegates from over 130 universities from all six continents! The conference was held at Imperial College London and this year’s theme was “Shape the Future – Right Here, Right Now.” We have photos from Opening Ceremonies, committee sessions, International Carnival Night, the Delegates’ Ball, and Closing Ceremonies.

Committees were productive with a mix of experienced and newer delegates and the Delegates’ Ball was perhaps one of the best (and definitely the classiest) social events I’ve been to for any Model UN conference. The conference had amazing diversity (it felt more international than European) and hospitality, and perhaps the most impressive part was that they charged a relatively low delegate fee but re-invested it heavily into facilities, lunch for the delegates, and other aspects that improved the delegate experience. Check it out! Also, don’t forget to check out the LIMUN blogFacebook, and Twitter for more coverage!

Here’s our liveblog of the conference. I pulled a lot of these photos from the very proactive and very awesome Press Team, so I want to give them credit first. Thanks to Daniele Zibetti, Alisa Balakishiyeva, Ngalula Beatrice Kabutakapua and the rest of the Press Team for letting me share your photos of LIMUN!

The awesome Press Team at LIMUN


Before Opening Ceremonies began, LIMUN had two workshops for delegates. One was the delegate skills workshop which was popularly attended. I noticed there were many delegates who were newer to Model UN and I think this workshop was very helpful to make sure they could be actively engaged in committee throughout the weekend. I then gave the second workshop titled “How to Grow Your Model UN Program” where I shared what other Model UN programs are doing in terms of training their teams and securing funding for their programs.

Opening Ceremonies

LIMUN welcomed 1,300 delegates at Opening Ceremonies which took place at the Institute of Education. Opening Ceremonies featured keynote speaker Sir Jeremy Greenstock, the Chairman of the United Nations Association of the United Kingdom (UNA-UK), who shared his diplomatic experience with students and urged them to learn about international affairs through Model UN and stay involved in this arena throughout life.

Opening Ceremonies also had a lineup of many other speakers including two who spoke about their Model UN experiences. Princess Maha Bint Abdulaziz from Saudi Arabia spoke about how Model UN inspired her to start changing the world now, and your very own Kevin Felix Chan spoke about why he left his job for Model UN and encouraged delegates to think about the way they want to learn, live, and lead in the future.

Delegates eagerly await Opening Ceremonies

Best Delegate's Kevin Felix Chan asked delegates how they really wanted to learn, live, and lead after they graduate

Secretary-General Anmol Arora welcomed 1,300 delegates to LIMUN, the largest college Model UN conference in Europe

Delegates in Action

The Catalonia Model United Nations team are big fans of Best Delegate

Delegates take a look at a note sent to them in committee

Delegates listen closely during speeches in committee

Delegates actively participate during unmoderated caucus

Mauritania votes in the African Union

The World Health Organization dais

A delegate makes a comment during moderated caucus in the World Health Organization

Time to vote in the World Health Organization

W H O -- World Health Organization!

The Security Council dais

Delegates read the latest crisis update in the Security Council.

India is appalled at the death of the Dalai Lama and launches its criticisms against China

Brazil says China has committed human rights violations by killing protestors

The Russian Federation comes to the defense of China by pointing out that terrorist threats within a country's borders need to be dealt with by the sovereign government

The United States hard at work during the Security Council - ASEAN joint summit

China defends their actions -- and tries to lobby for some support -- during the Security Council - ASEAN joint summit

Meanwhile, the Chinese Politburo has a discussion on who they should nominate as the next Dalai Lama

Finland encourages the FAO to provide funding to the Horn of Africa

India speaks during moderated caucus in the FAO

Myanmar, Russian Federation, Belgium, and United Kingdom work on a resolution together in the FAO

Viet Nam asks the sponsors of a draft resolution a question

Senegal does not think building universities across the world will be feasible in the UNDP

Israel comes to the defense of the UAE-funded proposal to build universities across the world

Delegates work on their draft resolution together in DISEC

Delegates have a discussion with each other during unmoderated caucus in DISEC

Delegates debate an idea during unmoderated caucus in DISEC

Delegates read off potential solutions during unmoderated caucus in DISEC

The UNEP dais in action

Delegates vote in UNEP

Making new friends at LIMUN!

Committee photo time!

SOCHUM gets together for a committee photo as well

International Carnival Night

The first social event was the International Carnival Night at the Camden Centre. The event was like a remix of the Global Village events that are highly popular at international MUN conferences and a delegate dance. Delegates could choose to wear their national dress — attire that is native to their home country  — and the national dresses from many countries were well represented. The night featured four cultural performances, dancing, and free carnival foods such as popcorn, candy floss, slush, and hot dogs.

Delegates and staffers having fun at the International Carnival Night

Delegates from different European nations get together for a photo at the International Carnival Night

Several teams from the same countries chose to dress in matching outfits. Can you guess which country these dresses are from? (Hint: look at the color accents)

International Carnival Night featured several cultural performances including these belly dancers

Delegates are enjoying their time at the International Carnival Night

Delegates’ Ball

The Delegates’ Ball took place at the Commonwealth Club. Delegates enjoyed a complimentary drink, food, and a night of dancing. The attire was black tie which made this event one of the classiest socials of any Model UN conference I have attended — and it was also one of the most fun!

Delegates mingle during the Delegates' Ball at the Commonwealth Club

Delegates enjoyed a classy social at the Delegates' Ball

Closing Ceremonies

The Great Hall at Imperial College is packed for Closing Ceremonies

That's a huge trophy for the delegation award!

The very awesome LIMUN 2012 Secretariat. Thanks for your amazing hospitality and congratulations on running a successful conference!

Congrats to all the delegates and staffers this weekend. Also, thank you to Anmol Arora, Denise Chau, Valentine Chua, Sehrish Ejaz Khan, Robert Lam, Anniete Cohn-Lois, and the entire LIMUN Secretariat for being so supportive of Best Delegate!


  • Sebastiaan Debrouwere

    Besides MUN Society Belgium and Oxford’s excellent performances, I feel it’s also fair to note the incredible advances made by King’s College London. Coming from virtually nowhere, we snatched away 5 Best Delegate awards and 1 Honourable Mention. Keep an eye on us in 2012, because this isn’t near the end of our ambitions!

    • Anmol Arora

      You’ll lost on runner up to oxford by 14 points !

      • Sebastiaan Debrouwere

        That’s very close indeed 🙂 Considering we had three first-timers win Best Delegate, I hope it’s the start of a grand tradition!

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