Marianopolis Model United Nations (MariMUN) 2012: Making Model UN Diverse and Bilingual

by Emily on March 17, 2012

This recap was provided by  Harley Nadler, Secretary-General of MariMUN 2012

MariMUN secretariat

MariMUN 2012, hosted by Marianopolis College in Montreal, Quebec, is the province’s only bilingual conference of its kind. With over half a decade under our belts, this year marked our largest conference ever with over 100 registered delegates. What makes MariMUN particularly interesting is the inclusion of high school and CEGEP students; this gives us a diverse demographic with delegates ranging from age 13-19, all working together in the same committees. Our committees this year featured the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC-GA), the United Nations Security Council (UNSC-Crisis) and INTERPOL (French-language Crisis). Delegates discussed diverse topics such as the Right to Food, Rogue States and Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals. Harley Nadler presided over the conference as Secretary-General.

Award Winners:

Harley Nadler, Secretary-General

Omer Award for Statesmanship UNSC Alex Arsenault-Ouellet Russia Brebeuf
Hardy Award for Diplomatic Rhetoric UNSC Catherine Fontaine Russia Brebeuf
Book Award UNSC Emma Pask UK Marianopolis
Book Award UNSC Jessica Michelin UK Marianopolis
Hon. Mention UNSC Victor Mikolajczyk China John-Abbot
Hon. Mention UNSC Yasmine Mosimann China John-Abbot
Hon. Mention UNSC Andrew Matte Pakistan Marianopolis
Hon. Mention UNSC Salvatore Vaccarino Pakistan Marianopolis
Hon. Mention UNSC Gisoo Kim Togo Marianopolis
Hon. Mention UNSC Justin Chimisso Togo Marianopolis
Omer Award for Statesmanship UNHRC Luohan Wei China Marianopolis
Hardy Award for Diplomatic Rhetoric UNHRC Sam Nazer Burkina Faso Dawson
Book Award UNHRC Rachel Doyon USA St-Thomas
Hon. Mention UNHRC Myles Keiller Ghana Champlain
Hon. Mention UNHRC Jasmine Gareau-Lindsay Japan Champlain
Hon. Mention UNHRC Frédéric Rivest-Roy Belgium Champlain
Omer Award for Statesmanship INTERPOL Simon Counsineau Jurgen Klimmerman Dawson
Hardy Award for Diplomatic Rhetoric INTERPOL Koray Demir Dai Sujun Marianopolis
Book Award INTERPOL Monika Cefis Jörg Ziercke Dawson
Hon. Mention INTERPOL Charles-Antoine Provencher Murray Lumpkin Brebeuf
Hon. Mention INTERPOL Béatrice Marseille Paul Evans Brebeuf
Hon. Mention INTERPOL Meng Zhang Meng Jianzhu Marianopolis
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