McGill Model United Nations Assembly (McMUN)

by Emily on January 30, 2012

This recap was provided by Natasha Racco, the Editor-in-Chief of The Ambassador. 

Secretary General Nir Kumar

McMUN 2012 opened on Thursday, January 26 with its ceremonial bag piper and determined Secretariat leading the way. Secretary General Nir Kumar launched the theme “Information: IR’s New Currency” to reflect just how influential 21st century means of communicating are on political discourse and the leaders of right now.

Hosting over 1300 international delegates in downtown Montreal, McMUN took an innovative twist when it came to committee topics and its actual simulations, from running the World Economic Forum completely digitally to having Perez Hilton as a character in the 21st Century Media Strategies committee. Keynote speaker Beryl Wajsman, a prominent social activism advocate in international public affairs and McGill Law alum, took the conference theme and challenged the role of the United Nations, putting out a call to the crowd to not sit idly by waiting for change.

The Pixar Animation Committee

Over the course of the weekend McMUN’s scrutinous PR team, McMUN publication The Ambassador, The Bull & Bear (McGill’s Management Undergraduate Society paper) and TVM (McGill’s student run TV network) covered every inch of the conference. Friday night’s itinerary took delegates on a wild ride where they were taken on the “United We Crawl” pub-crawl on Crescent Street equipped with a 100 item scavenger hunt list that certainly rang true of McGill Frosh spirit. Saturday, McMUN presented McParté with rising DJ Kap Slap, playing to a packed crowd at Club Le Boom.

Delegation Award Winners:
Best Large Delegation: Georgetown University
Best Small Delegation: United States Military Academy, West Point

Awards Analysis (by Best Delegate): Georgetown was dominant with ten gavels and was clearly the best team at the conference. William & Mary and Michigan State brought large delegations and also had many award winners. Besides West Point, other teams that did well include George Washington, Cornell, Rutgers, NYU, Boston University, UCLA, Columbia, Concordia, and Montreal.

Photos are credited to IRSAM and you can find these photos posted up on Facebook:

We pulled a few of those (credits to Jean Moirez and Ed Yao) to share below:

Nir Kumar McMUN 2012 Secretary General address the delegates

The McMUN Bag Piper

Ladakh Summit

Boeing Airbus Joint Crisis

FIFA Committee

Italian Peninsula 1500s

NATO Triple Joint Crisis

Cuba 1959


Abdulqader Yusef Dibri in the Libyan Government Committee


McMUN shots

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