McMUN Liveblog: Afghanistan in Crisis

by KFC on January 29, 2011

Afghanistan cabinet

McMUN is putting on some very dynamic crises this weekend and I got a chance to sit on on the Afghanistan cabinet.

The crisis addresses real issues — the Taliban is continually taking over parts of the country while some members of the cabinet have pushed for the United States to withdraw troops.

Perhaps more exciting, the cabinet came under seize and had to relocate from their 7th floor meeting room to an underground bunker in the A-level of the hotel. Chair Yusra Khan explains:

Check out some of the debate:

Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai (UCLA's Frida) has some tough decisions to make

How did the crisis end? Crisis directors Zoe Miller-Vedam and Brad Sullivan explain — and then we get to watch!

Last but not least, we wanted to point out that McGill is on the cutting edge of innovation with the use of a Twitter to feed updates to the cabinet:

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