McMUN Liveblog: Why We Love McMUN

by KFC on January 31, 2011

Best Delegate asked several delegates why they love McMUN. Watch the video to find out why — and look for shout outs to McMUN staffers!

  • Marlow from the University of Miami (@ 0:01)
  • Courtney and Johanna from the University of Texas at Austin (@ 0:19)
  • Chris from UCLA (@ 0:56)
  • Gael from the University of Albany (@ 1:54)
  • William and Gideon from Georgetown (@ 2:26)
  • Sheng from George Washington (@ 2:57)

In case anyone was wondering who this “Nida” person is that delegates keep referring to, you can learn more about her in this video interview with Best Delegate.

Finally, no McMUN would be complete without Pub Crawl and McParte!

McMUN staff ready for McParte

DJ Earworm spinning at McParte

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