Meet THIMUN Singapore Secretary-General Nina Kamaruddin

by KFC on November 18, 2011

THIMUN Singapore Secretary-General Nina Kamaruddin (photo credit: MUNITY-East)

Meet THIMUN Singapore‘s Secretary-General, Nina Kamaruddin! Nina attends the Mont’Kiara International School in Malaysia, has been to 16 conferences around the world, and now manages a large team to host over 1,000 students and teachers at THIMUN Singapore. I got a chance to interview Nina on her experience as Secretary-General, what she hopes delegates will get out of their MUN experience, and what Model UN has meant to her. We also have a video of her Opening Ceremonies speech as well as a link to her profile by MUNITY-East below. Check it out!


I interviewed Nina on how she got selected to be Secretary-General of THIMUN Singapore, what’s it like to be Secretary-General of such a large international conference, what she hopes delegates will get out of their MUN experience this weekend, and finally what Model UN has meant to her:

Here is Nina’s Opening Ceremonies speech:

And here is the link to her MUNITY-East profile.

Secretary-General Nina Kamaruddin with her MUN Directors from the Mont'Kiara International School in Malaysia

Since she’s a senior, I asked her which college she hopes to attend. She mentioned she wanted to study on the East Coast of the United States and to follow in the footsteps of her three older siblings who all participated in Model UN at the collegiate level in the United States. Best Delegate congratulates her for a job well done at THIMUN Singapore and wishes her good luck with the college admissions process. But this probably won’t be the last time we’ll see her on this website — she’ll be presiding over the General Assembly at THIMUN Hague (which is on our liveblog tour schedule) and perhaps we’ll also catch her next year on the North American college circuit!

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