Uganda Be Kidding Me! 10 Model UN Jokes, Memes, and One-Liners

by Ryan on March 31, 2015

Model UN Lines, Jokes, and Memes

In celebration of April Fool’s Day, we asked our Model United Nations Institute alumni what were their favorite Model UN jokes. Here are the top 10!

Why was Ban-Ki Moon late to work?

Why was Ban-Ki Moon late to work? He couldn't find his ECO-socks!

Know any good MUN jokes?

I Hague to tell you but I don't know any Model UN jokes

Save this for Valentine’s Day

Belize Be Mine?

Come on Russia…

Come on Russia -- you're Putin me down

An alum from France told us this MUN joke!

Are you from Paris? Because you're driving me in-Seine

Tell them how you really feel

I Ecuador You

We hear this a lot at THIMUN conferences…

This resolution is like a donut -- there's a big hole in it!

The next time you facepalm at a Model UN conference…

Uganda be kidding me

The next time someone proposes sending in peacekeepers…

Trying to invade? U.N. what army?

It actually starts with “E” and rhymes with “yawn”!

I was going to make a joke but Iran out of ideas

M-U-N is F-U-N! Have fun and learn MUN this summer at the Model United Nations Institute

Thanks to all MUN Institute alumni and staff who contributed jokes!

What are your favorite Model UN jokes? Share them in the comments below — and keep it diplomatic!

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