Learn More About the Best Delegate Model UN Summer Camp at UC Irvine!

by KFC on February 21, 2012

Success in Model UN helps students succeed in other parts of their lives

The Best Delegate team is proud to announce the launch of our Model UN Summer Camp at UC Irvine! The summer camp will be held from June 25-29, 2012, for students age 12-17 with any level of Model UN experience.

The camp will feature training on essential leadership skills, lectures and activities on international relations and current events, Model UN simulations including performance feedback, and tips on club-building and college admissions.

Click here to learn about the Model UN Summer Camp at UC Irvine!

We were inspired to host summer camps primarily for three reasons. First, every other activity (band, debate, cheerleading, yearbook, sports, etc.) has summer camps and we thought that Model UN should have one too. I personally did band camp and I know that students learned a lot and had so much fun at these camps. We think that Model UN participants should be able to experience the same.

Second, we wish we had MUN summer camps when we were students. Despite being award-winning delegates, we actually didn’t learn a lot of proper techniques and best strategies until much later in college or even after we had retired from being delegates, and we could’ve become even better delegates had we had some professional training. We’re now professional Model UN trainers, and we want to teach our knowledge and skills to those who want to become better delegates.

And thirdly, the mission of Best Delegate is to share the value of Model UN. We believe that Model UN is a life-changing activity and we want to make it as easy as possible for students to participate and for teachers to teach it. Our vision is for any student, anywhere, to be able to do Model UN. From our travels visiting Model UN conferences around the world, we’ve found that many students and teachers want to spend some time in the summer learning Model UN, and so we’re hosting summer camps to meet this need.

Click here to learn about the Model UN Summer Camp at UC Irvine!

Information about the Model UN Summer Camp at Yale will be announced shortly.

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