Best Delegate Summer Programs: Show Your Best Self on College Applications

by Ryan on February 24, 2013

At Best Delegate Summer Programs, you’ll get the best Model UN training in the world, become the best leader you can be, and learn at the world’s best universities.

On top of that, we’ll show you the best ways for you to share your Model UN and leadership experience and achievements in your college applications and personal essays.

Best Delegate Summer Programs: Model UN College and Applications

We know from our personal experience how Model UN helped us get into Yale and UCLA. We’ve profiled many students and alumni who’ve shared how MUN helped them with university admissions, succeed in college, and launch their careers.

At our residential programs, you’ll take a college admissions workshop on how to share your Model UN and leadership experience in college applications and personal essays. You’ll also take a campus tour, meet college students, and ask questions during an information session on college life.

You’ll learn how admissions officers are looking for examples of learning and leadership — and how you demonstrate this in Model UN by being leading your club, chairing committees, and organizing conferences. You’ll even find out which colleges value Model UN more than others.

You’ll also understand how to write about Model UN in your personal essay — not by focusing on it exclusively, but by weaving it into your essay alongside other leadership experiences, and showing how Model UN has helped you grow as a student and as a person.

And you’ll discover how the conferences you’ve attended and the college students you’ve met are part of your Model UN network. These are experiences and people that can help you understand what your target colleges are looking for and what you would bring to their campuses.

Best Delegate not only served as a resource for Model UN strategies, but also inspired me to deepen my passion for MUN, learning and the world. Best Delegate helped me realize how truly shaping and important MUN was in my high school career and now, I am extremely excited to say that MUN will continue to be a vital part of my life here at Yale.

– Hannah G., Sacramento, CA

If you’re interested in Best Delegate Summer Programs, chances are Model UN has played a big part in your student life and personal development. Model UN did that for us and for countless others, and we know how Model UN helped us get to the next stage of our lives as students and as professionals.

Join us this summer, and let us show you how Model UN can help you succeed with college admissions.

The March 1 Early Decision deadline for our programs at Georgetown University and the University of Florida is coming up! Click here to apply now

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