Montessori MUN Recap & Preview of the NMUN New York

by KFC on April 18, 2011

Middle school students got the spotlight for a second week in a row. We featured the Global Classrooms Middle School conference last weekend, and this weekend we featured the Montessori MUN conference where middle school and elementary school students discussed about international issues!

New York continues to hold the spotlight this weekend with over 5,000 students attending two NMUN conferences. Best Delegate will be liveblogging at NMUN! There is plenty of action in Chicago and around the world too including ChoMUN, the final college conference for this season in North America.

Conference Recap

Montessori Model United Nations (MMUN)

Conference Preview

National Model United Nations in New York (NMUN New York)

Best Delegate will be liveblogging at NMUN!

The National Model United Nations conference is actually two conferences held in New York — one is at the Sheraton and another is at the Hilton, and both have closing ceremonies at the United Nations. Combined, the conference draws over 5,000 college delegates from around the world to participate in twenty committees and numerous other activities including delegate workshops. Secretary-General Ronny Heintze leads two staffs of college students that are drawn from around the world. The hosting organization is the National Collegiate Conference Association.

Conferences this weekend

Community News

Best Delegate News

Community News

  • Amierah

    Hey, just a quick correction. NMUN is held at the Sheraton and the Marriott Marquis 🙂

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