MUN Mentor Sales Page


You will be assigned a mentor based on what type of mentoring you request after paying for your hours. You can schedule your hours with them at your convenience, but these hours are only eligible through May 31 of the school year in which you purchased your mentoring hours. Mentors will work with you remotely, via Skype.

Mentors can assist you or your entire Model UN programs in many ways:

  • Tutoring in beginner or advanced Model United Nations skills in North American, THIMUN, UN4MUN, or Crisis procedures
  • Weekly leadership coaching to help your team organize a Model UN conference, run club events, select conferences to attend, or train your team
  • Any combination of Model UN coaching your team requires


  1. Figure out how many hours you want to book for MUN Mentoring. These hours include the hours that the mentor will work with you on a Skype call- your mentor will also spent time preparing to teach you each week, or reviewing materials (for example, position papers) that you send to them before the call.
  2. Once you have determined how many hours you wish to book, simply press the “buy now” button to proceed to payment. Complete the payment via PayPal with a PayPal account, credit card, or debit card.
  3. Once you complete payment, you will be directed back to the Best Delegate website where you will share information with us so that we can select your mentor and plan the best possible coaching experience for you or your Model UN team as possible. Please note that your registration for mentoring is not complete until you pay for mentoring and complete the following questionnaire form.
How many hours do you want to book?