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by KFC on March 29, 2011

Best Delegate wants to be the best in the world at providing Model UN resources, and we think at some point this may include a social networking service that will help connect the Model UN community. After all, it’s really the friends we meet and connect with that really matter — that’s why so many conference and committee Facebook groups pop up after every conference.

While we don’t have a social networking service on our website yet, we do want to share four Model UN social networking services — Unmod, MUNnectionUNA-USA Model UN Discussion Boards, and — that have already been launched (with the first two just recently launched). Each of them has a different niche, so check them out and let us know what you think!


Service Provider: The Circuit (, a college Model UN website started by Ross Slutsky from the Emory Model UN team

Focus: Collegiate Model UN students

Self-Description: One of the most important aspects of going to conferences is the people you meet.  Collegiate Model UNers are highly motivated students who share a commitment to global citizenship and have many things in common.  The delegate you work with today might be the colleague you work with tomorrow.  While the geographical constraints between us are real, in this age of social media, we can still form bonds which last long after the closing gavel. Unmod brings us closer together with features tailored to the specific needs of collegiate MUNers: the Forum, MUNtube, and the Conference Calendar.


Service Provider: MUNnection, a startup led by İlteriş K. Canberk and four other team members from Robert College in Turkey.

Focus: European high school Model UN students, particularly those who attended THIMUN

Self-Description: MUNnection offers several services that aim to improve communication and cooperation among the MUN society as well as offering conferences an opportunity to advertise and provide more information about their organizations. MUNnection also stands out with its own jargon, which was devised from the parliamentary language. Members can add their friends by issuing a “motion to befriend”, or create a delegation to exchange ideas.

UNA-USA Model UN Discussion Boards

Service Provider: United Nations Association of the USA (UNA-USA)

Focus: Teachers, Model UN educators, and Global Classrooms participants

Self-Description: UNA-USA’s Model UN Discussion Boards are a great way to connect teachers, students, and Model UN enthusiast. The discussion boards are also a valuable resource for learning from the experience of fellow teachers and sharing ideas to better prepare for the conferences.

Service Provider: Institute for Domestic and International Affairs (IDIA) affiliated with Rutgers Model UN

Focus: High school Model UN students, particularly those who attended IDIA-affiliated conferences such as RUMUN and PhilMUN.

Description: The website allows students to learn, debate, and resolve international issues; find and join their schools’ page; and download resources for teachers and students.


What do you think about these social networking sites? What type of social networking would you like to see from Best Delegate?

  • The Circuit

    Thanks for pointing us out! As for Best Delegate staring a social network of its own, I have some ideas and would be happy to talk with you about them. While you’re at it though, another resource worth mentioning is WorldMAP– the WorldMUN Alumni Project. While it is only intended for delegates who have attended WorldMUN, I believe it qualifies for inclusion in this category.

    • KFC

      Best wishes on the launch of Unmod! College delegates should go check it out!

      Also, thank you for bringing up WorldMAP! I do think it should be mentioned as a Model UN social networking resource. Here is the website: WorldMAP has been in existence for a while now, so I’m curious if any users can shed light into it. Thanks!

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