munCast: How a Shy High School Delegate Became the Secretary-General of Canada’s Largest University Conference, McMUN

by Aaron K on January 26, 2016

How does a person go from being a shy high school student to the Secretary-General of a conference that organizes over 2,000 individuals? In honor of #McMUN this week, I sat down with my friend Marta Canneri to cover her MUN journey, discuss conference organizing advice, and she answers the question “would you rather refer to Canada as the ‘Republic of America’s Hat’ or never use public transit again?” Marta shares her story and more on episode 3 of munCast!


Marta Canneri is the 27th Secretary-General of McGill Model United Nations.

Part 1
We discuss where Marta started her Model UN journey, how she became the Secretary-General of McMUN, what the most challenging and rewarding aspects of being McMUN’s Secretary-General are, and what allowed her to become such a success.

Part 2
We discuss advice for anyone aspiring to be a Secretary-General such as how to balance running one of the largest MUN conferences in the world, studying for university, maintaining a social life, and trying to get enough sleep. We also discuss the challenges a Secretary-General goes through in preparing their conference.

Next week’s munCast will feature Finn Carlson who recently finished interning at the United Nations in New York. He will share his experiences with MUN and we will discuss the differences between MUN in Europe and North America!

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