munCast S1E2 featuring Laurabeth Goldsmith: MUNI and the Changing MUN World

by Aaron K on January 23, 2016

munCast S1E2 featuring Laurabeth Goldsmith MunCast logo
Hello and welcome back to the second episode of munCast!

On this show we talk to leaders within the community about news, strategy, and everything else MUN. This is Season 1 Episode 2 where I talk to Laurabeth Goldsmith, one of the Program Managers at Best Delegate. On this episode we talk about the Model United Nations Institute, the changing MUN world, and whether she would rather fight Putin or vote for Donald Trump.

Check out the video below:

We hope you enjoyed the show. If you would like munCast to discuss a specific MUN topic or if you want us to have a conversation with a MUN leader then let us know in the comments below!

Episode 3 will feature the 27th Secretary-General of McMUN Marta Canneri.

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