MUNday: Fall Championship Previews of UPMUNC, PMUNC, and RHSMUN

by Emily on November 28, 2011

JPSMUN won Best Large Delegation at VAMUN

It’s Fall Championship weekend! College and high school students will be participating at some of the largest Model UN conferences of the Fall semester in multiple regions. Best Delegate will be liveblogging from UPMUNC and RHSMUN with a bonus Saturday visit to PMUNC! The Fall college and high school rankings and methodology will be released shortly after this weekend. In the meantime, please email November awards information to Kevin at and check out some more results below.

Conference Recaps & Results

Cornell International Affairs Conference (CIAC)

Queens University at CIAC

The second session of the Cornell International Affairs Conference (CIAC) was held in Ithaca, NY from November 17 to November 20. Featuring innovative simulations ranging from the secret Illuminati to the East African Water Wars held in 2020, the delegates were transported out of this world for the duration of the weekend. Check out the conference recap!

Virginia Model United Nations (VAMUN)

J.P. Stevens High School (New Jersey) won Best Large Delegation at VAMUN. The team dominated by taking home 11 Best Delegate awards out of 21 committees and also had 7 Outstandings, 6 Honorable Mentions, and 6 Verbal Commendations. Princeton High School (New Jersey) won Outstanding Large Delegation and Stonewall Jackson High School (Virginia) won Best Small Delegation.

J.P. Stevens celebrates its huge win at VAMUN

Brown University Simulation of the United Nations (BUSUN)

The Canterbury School (Florida) continued to make a statement as one of the strongest small delegations in the country. It took 13 delegates to BUSUN and 10 of them received awards including 5 Best Delegate gavels.

Canterbury students smile after a successful showing at BUSUN

Conference Previews

Best Delegate‘s Kevin Felix Chan will be liveblogging this weekend from UPMUNC to cover the largest college conference in the Fall. KFC will also make a bonus stop to visit PMUNC which is at capacity with around 1,200 delegates this year. Best Delegate‘s Ryan Villanueva will be covering RHSMUN which is in its first year in its new home in San Francisco.

University of Pennsylvania Model United Nations (UPMUNC)

UPMUNC claims thousands of individuals as alumni who have appreciated the conference’s innovation, magnitude, and spirit. With a forty-four year history, Ivy League charm, and the setting of America’s first capital and home to the nation’s first diplomat, Benjamin Franklin, UPMUNC epitomizes the rich university-level Model United Nations experience.

Regional High School Model United Nations (RHSMUN)

The Regional High School Model United Nations (RHSMUN) just moved from Salt Lake City to its new home in San Francisco. The conference is hosted by the IMUNA organization (which also runs NHSMUN) and focuses on “Education through Simulation.” Secretary-General Molly Williams from Mount Holyoke College leads an all-volunteer staff from various universities.

Princeton Model United Nations Conference (PMUNC)

PMUNC is hosted by Princeton University’s International Relations Council, a subsidiary of the American Whig-Cliosophic Society—the oldest collegiate political, literary, and debating society in the United States and still the largest student-run extracurricular body at Princeton. Since its creation, PMUNC’s main goal has been to engage high school students in issues currently being debated on the international stage, teach diplomacy by asking hard questions, foster serious discussion, and ultimately further the skills required to reach a compromise and build a consensus. The 2011 conference is at capacity and will be led by Secretary-General Grace Kim.

Other conferences this weekend:

Community News

Best Delegate News

Model U.N. News

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  • Kelvin Zhu

    RHSMUN was a pretty average conference, but for me it was absolutely abysmal. My chair, Bonnie Pham, did NOT know the rules at all, and I made bunch of Points of Orders throughout the first session which she kept overruling with her “chair’s discretion” rule. She even voted on a motion right after it was received when there were points and motions on the floor! I’m pointing all of these out, and I’m only a 9th grader with a year’s worth of 7 conferences’ experience. She made the entire experience suck for me, and I ended up literally reading a book for the last two sessions. It was even worse considering we spent more than $1000 going and I was put in a beginner committee with a completely unqualified and incompetent dais.

    Overall, I don’t recommend anyone to go, and considering my chair has staffed with NHSMUN for three years, I won’t be going there either. Next year, it’s MUNUC for me.

  • Guest

    PMUNC as well was horribly run this year. The committees were so packed that students in ECOSOCs complained about only being called on once a day. The chairs were incompetent and disregarded parliamentary procedure. Furthermore several of the chairs walked out during unmoderated caucuses leaving the delegates alone. The chairs further treated this conference as if it were simply a boring school assignment, as they often spent moderated caucuses on facebook or making fun of delegates. One chair made a delegate speak in a german accent.
    The terrible location made getting food a hassle. If RUMUN wasn’t during the NJ teachers convention then we would have definitely gone to it over this hastily put together conference.

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