MUNday: Tour of Top High School Model UN Programs in Florida

by Emily on February 28, 2012

Enjoying the sunset at Naples Pier in between visits to the top high school MUN programs in Florida

We’re taking a break from liveblogging this weekend to do a special tour of top Model UN programs in Florida. We already spoke with Cape Coral High School during BosMUN, and our tour will continue with Gulf Coast High School, Port Charlotte High School, and the Canterbury School in southwest Florida before we hop over to Miami to visit Belen Jesuit Preparatory School. We couldn’t visit every school that we wanted to visit — hopefully we’ll see those who we’ll miss this time at future conferences.

We hope to learn about how these teams train their delegates, what kind of philosophy and culture are teachers and student-leaders cultivating among their teams, and why Model UN has become so popular in Florida. We’ll share our learnings in a blog post so that readers can pick up a new training activity or get a better insight into their peers in Florida. We also hope that this tour will be the beginning of larger discussions on major differences between Model UN circuits (particularly the East Coast vs. West Coast discussion we saw after NAIMUN).

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There’s only about a month left to sign up for our Model UN Summer Camp at UC Irvine! Also, our Yale camp details will be launched in early March — sign up for updates for our Model UN Summer Camp at Yale here.

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