Recap: MUNE I

by Mari on April 8, 2013

This recap was provided by Kate Cyr, Secretary-General of MUNE I,  Mae Bowen, Secretary-General of MUNE II, and Katherine Bonner, Director-General of MUNE I.

Committee gavel from MUNE I.

Committee gavel from MUNE I.

Emory Model United Nations (EMUN) is excited to announce the successful conclusion of its first-ever collegiate conference, Model United Nations at Emory I (MUNE I). The conference was held April 4-7, 2013 at Emory’s campus in Atlanta, Georgia. MUNE I included six exceptional crisis committees and unique social events.

Committees ranged from James Bond’s SPECTRE to the Yugoslavian Cabinet, the Indian Partition to the Old South, and Operation Condor to the European Debt Crisis. Delegates enjoyed lively debate, as well as carrying out good-spirited assassinations, austerity measures, and secessions.

Outside of committee, delegates were able to hear esteemed Emory Professor Gordon Streeb speak of his career in economic development, at the Foreign Service, as ambassador to Zambia, in government, and with the Carter Center. Delegates also had the opportunity to participate in one of Emory’s best traditions, Dooley’s Week, featuring concerts by Kendrick Lamar and 3lau. MUNE I also raised money for Clarkston Community Center, a hub for refugees in Atlanta.

Delegates debating in Operation Condor, themed around Latin American dictators in the 1970s

Delegates debating in Operation Condor, themed around Latin American dictators in the 1970s

MUNE II is scheduled for April 3-6th, 2014, again at Emory’s campus in Atlanta, GA.  This year, we are excited to offer seven exceptional crisis committees: Abraham Lincoln’s Cabinet, Japanese Intelligence in World War II, The Order of the Phoenix: Harry Potter, The Sopranos, Burma: A Country in Transition, Mubarak’s Cabinet, and Iran Goes Green: The Uprising of 2009. We are excited to see how the delegates respond to these unique crises!

Early Registration is now open! As the conference approaches, more information on special events, the charity challenge, and this year’s keynote speaker can be found on our website,, or by following us on Twitter (@MUNE_Conference), Facebook ( and instagram (@EmoryModelUnitedNations).

EMUN hopes to build off of the amazing success of MUNE I and make MUNE II an even more incredible conference! MUNE I was a learning experience for everyone involved and we could not be more pleased with the level of debate on the part of the delegates. Join us next year to keep this new tradition going strong!

Yugoslavian Cabinet committee staff

Yugoslavian Cabinet committee staff


Assassination crisis in Milosevic's Yugoslavian Cabinet

Assassination crisis in Milosevic’s Yugoslavian Cabinet


MUNE I Sec Gen (Kate, left) and MUNE II Sec Gen (Mae, right)

MUNE I Sec-Gen Kate Cyr (left) and MUNE II Sec-Gen Mae Bowen



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