MUNUC Liveblog: Committees in Action (photos)

by KFC on February 4, 2011

We noticed during Opening Ceremonies how excited students were to dive right into the action at MUNUC. Below are some photos of delegates in action — take a look to see if you or your friends got featured for being active in committee! Also, you can check out the conference’s Press Corps website for more committee stories.

Delegates discussing draft resolutions in 6th Legal

Dominica (girl in center) leading a caucus bloc in ECOFIN

Writing directives in the US National Security Council

Delegates putting ideas together into a working paper

Bosnia (left) and Yemen (right) debating free and fair elections

Delegates voting on a motion in SOCHUM

Delegates getting some direction from the Chair of the Cabinet of Canada

Co-delegates making their case in the Historical Security Council

African Union delegates take a break from writing resolutions

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