MUNUC Liveblog: Feature on SOCHUM – Getting Women Involved in Politics

by KFC on February 5, 2011

It’s not very common for large committees to catch the attention of Best Delegate, but the Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian (SOCHUM) committee at MUNUC did with their topic of Enhancing the Political Participation of Women. And since SOCHUM is such a large committee, Best Delegate decided to pick delegates who stood out in committee and let them explain what they think is necessary to help women around the world get more involved in politics.

One of the delegates representing Bosnia-Herzegovina (from Neuqua Valley High School in Illinois) stood out in that she introduced herself to me before committee even began! The pair stood out as co-delegates during committee too, and we asked them what they have included in their draft resolution and also how they think women can get more involved in politics in the United States (hint: participate in MUN conferences like MUNUC!).

Delegates representing Seychelles (from powerhouse Mira Costa High School in California) also stood out in committee. While most of the committee was focused on education of women, Seychelles believed there are tiers of solutions to the problem and they explain that in their video interview below. Editor’s note: notice that they’ve come prepared with talking points in their research binder and can easily refer to it as they did in this interview.

As you can tell, there are lot of comprehensive ideas to help women get involved in the political process. Let’s hope some of these get implemented — and encouraged — in real life.

Here are some other photos of SOCHUM in action:

Making a point during unmoderated caucus

Co-delegates delivering a speech in SOCHUM

Edit: Both delegates ended up winning awards with Seychelles winning Outstanding Delegation (best delegates) in this committee.

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