MUNUC Liveblog: Opening Ceremonies

by KFC on February 4, 2011

Over 2,600 delegates braved the Chicago blizzard and made it to the Palmer House Hilton for the Model United Nations at the University of Chicago (MUNUC) conference. Secretary-General Reece Trevor kicked off Opening Ceremonies below with a speech on what delegates should expect to experience this weekend:

Keynote speaker Ambassador Daniel Simpson spoke on the importance of getting Americans involved with the United Nations and shared snippets from his interesting career in international diplomacy, including his experience teaching now-Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi, his recommendation to learn Chinese, and his thoughts on Mubarak and Egypt.

He also took questions from the audience and so many students were enthusiastic about this opportunity that they formed a line all the way to the back of the room!

Ambassador Daniel Simpson answering students' questions

Delegates are clearly excited about this conference, and we can’t wait to see what will transpire in the different committees over the weekend. Check back throughout the weekend for more!

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  • Katie

    I can honestly say I learned SO much at MUNUC again! Its the most amazing opportunity given to students. Unfortunately, I learned how BORING school is after returning from the most intense debates of my life!!! I feel like school is pointless now, because clearly I am not going to change the world by learning something in trigonometry that I will no doubt forget once I graduate. MUNUC made me feel like I could change the world, that I could possibly make a difference. Not to mention the fact that I met the most amazing people in the world that I wish to stay friends with for some time to come! Best Delegate should do an article on how to transition back to reality. Because lets face it, nothing in our day to day lives tops the Model United Nations experience!!!! I miss MUNUC already and its only been two days! By the way: mountain dew is the best post munuc replacement for the 3 daily starbucks runs!

    • KFC

      Katie, glad you had such an amazing experience!! Interesting debates, good friends, and being inspired — that’s what makes MUN fun and memorable.

      I also love your article suggestion. MUNUC made you feel like you could change the world, and it’s a goal for all of us to figure out how to put that energy and new skills to work in daily life — to be able to make a difference.

      In case you haven’t seen it, this makes me miss MUNUC even more:

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