MUNUC Liveblog: The Most Emotional Closing Ceremonies Ever

by KFC on February 7, 2011

This is what Model UN is about.

It’s about rewarding those who have made a difference, reflecting on how the experience has changed one’s life for the better, and thanking friends who have made this journey memorable.

The three videos below from MUNUC Closing Ceremonies — which was quite possibly one of the most emotional closing ceremonies ever — exemplify the above and are truly worth watching:

Video #1: Secretary-General Reece Trevor explains the purpose of awards at MUNUC

Video #2: Secretary-General Reece Trevor reads a note from a delegate who had cried tears of joy because this was her fourth and final MUNUC

Video #3: Undersecretary-General Andrew O’Shaughnessy tears up — as did everyone else in the room — as he thanks his friend, Secretary-General Reece Trevor, for his service to MUNUC

Congratulations to all the delegates and MUNUC staff on a wonderful conference!


Delegates receiving awards at MUNUC Closing Ceremonies

Editor’s Note: MUNUC does not give best school awards, but they usually post up a list of all award winners. We will link to that document as soon as it gets published. In the meantime, we noted that the following countries had more than a few award winners: Seychelles (Mira Costa High School), Russian Federation, Bahrain, France, Chile, and China.

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