Location, Location, Location: NAIMUN Features Tours of DC, Guest Speakers, Social Justice Symposium, & More!

by Ryan on February 18, 2012

Deputy Director of Programming Jennifer Zink and Director of Programming Randy Crooks

Washington, DC, is an exciting place for students who are interested in international affairs. Various countries, international organizations, non-profits, and NGOs have embassies, headquarters, and offices here — in addition, of course, to the offices of the United States government.

The NAIMUN Secretariat is well aware that DC offers myriad opportunities for delegates to learn about international affairs, and they should know — many of them study under or work for professors and professionals in international affairs, especially those who are students at Georgetown’s Walsh School of Foreign Service. “Location, location, location,” Executive Director Caitlin Pharo told KFC and me, is something that NAIMUN really tries to make the most of.

The Friday of the conference is the big day for delegates to explore DC. The NAIMUN Secretariat arranges numerous opportunities for schools to meet professionals in international affairs, and according to Director of Programming Randy Crooks, this year’s NAIMUN doubled the number of activities it offers from previous years.

The Friday morning of the conference was devoted to giving delegates the opportunity to explore DC. Over 500 delegates from 43 schools participated in NAIMUN’s Friday morning programs, which included:

  • Tours of Capitol Hill, the Pentagon, the UN Foundation, and the Peace Corps headquarters,
  • Embassy briefings — 21 embassies participated, including those of Greece, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore,
  • Information sessions with the UN Information Center and the US Department of State,
  • A social justice symposium, featuring a panel of professionals who work for social justice and human rights-related organizations, and,
  • A community service project where delegates and moderators made cards for children suffering from chronic illness.

Georgetown Professor Victor Cha, a former Director for Asian Affairs in the US National Security Council, speaks to the North Korea cabinet

And in the afternoon, the Secretariat brought a bit of DC into the conference by inviting various Georgetown professors and guest speakers to NAIMUN. 21 committees featured guest speakers, including:
  • Politico and The Hill founder Martin Tolchin, who spoke with the Press Corps and basically gave a master class in journalism,
  • Georgetown Professor Victor Cha, the former Director of Asian Affairs for the US National Security Council, who fielded questions from the delegates in the North Korea cabinet, and,
  • Investigative reporter and Kings of Cocaine author Jeff Leen, who met with the delegates in the Medellin Cartel and talked about the drug trade’s impact on South Florida (which included a few references to the movie “Scarface”).

Check out this video of Friday’s guest speakers:

Check out more pictures of the conference below!

Students from the Georgetown Visitation School make cards for charity

The well-traveled Park Tudor School -- I've seen them at THIMUN, MUNUC, and now NAIMUN -- take a break from their travels to make cards for charity

Speakers from different NGOs speak about their experiences and how to get involved during the Social Justice Symposium

Students from the TASIS School of Dorado in Puerto Rico always focus on giving back at the conferences they attend and were active here making cards for charity

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