Thank You to the NAIMUN Staff and Congratulations Everyone on a Great Conference!

by Ryan on February 20, 2012

The NAIMUN 2012 Co-Executives: Secretary-General Taylor Wettach and Executive Director Caitlin Pharo

KFC and I just wanted to say thank you to the NAIMUN staff, especially Secretary-General Taylor Wettach, Executive Director Caitlin Pharo, and Director-General Billyskye Handel, for having us visit this past weekend.

Everyone on the staff was open with us and they really wanted us to cover NAIMUN in depth. We enjoyed working with the staff before the conference even began by sharing their articles on how they were organizing the conference. When we arrived on Thursday, we were energized by their passion for NAIMUN and for Model UN.

Taylor, Caitlin, and Billyskye were great hosts, helping us arrange interviews with different members of their staff. Billyskye even prepared a spreadsheet on different stories we should look into and who we should talk to, which we really appreciated. You can check out my final interview with Taylor and Caitlin below:

We also wanted to thank guest liveblogger Hayes Brown for helping us cover the conference. I thought his articles were a breath of fresh air because he really took the time to interview staff members and tell their stories.

Here are all the articles from the pre-conference featured series and the liveblog articles from the weekend:

Featured series

Liveblog articles

Congratulations to all staff, delegates, and advisors on a wonderful conference!

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