NAIMUN Chairs Share their Chairing Philosophies and What They Look for in a Best Delegate

by KFC on February 19, 2012

NAIMUN did a great job in encouraging us to get an inside look at the philosophies behind their conference. We did an analysis of their crisis development and crisis innovations¬†and now here’s an article on chairing philosophies for the traditional UN committees. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to interview more chairs but at least these three interviews with US National Security Council chair Dane Shikman, World Health Organization chair Alex Bozzette, and SPECPOL chair Deven Comen provide a sample of the chairing philosophies at NAIMUN.

  • Sean Kealey

    It is great to see the chairs of NAIMUN speak about the debate with such passion. It was this conference that I attended all four years in high school that lead me to continue to debate in Model UN Conferences on the college level. NAIMUN has always done a fantastic job at really getting high school students interested and captivated in passionate and meaningful debate for a few days. I think Georgetown is doing a great thing at really inspiring high school students at the conference. Some of my best memories in high school stem from this conference. It is incredible to see how Georgetown is able to bring a learning experience to such a social and fun environment. Keep up the great work Georgetown!

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