NAIMUN Liveblog: Committees in Action

by KFC on February 20, 2011

Delegates got right into the debate after an inspirational Opening Ceremonies. Here are photos of NAIMUN in action! We usually try to catch the most active or outstanding delegates — see if you or your teammate made it onto this photo blog!

We also included some NAIMUN-provided crisis update videos from their Director of Media & Technology, Chris Cronbaugh. Finally, you can also check out the NAIMUN Press Corps website for articles on the committees.

Delegates dressed up for the College of Cardinals 1939

Afghanistan (left and center; North Brunswick Township High School) and Nigeria (right; Strathcona Tweedsmuir School) discuss operatives clauses in UNESCO

Resolution sponsors take questions from committee

Delegates get feedback from the dais in SOCHUM

Singapore (left; Gunn High School) and United States (right; Holton-Arms School) finalize draft resolution clauses in Conference of the Parties 17

SOCHUM delegates enjoying their time at NAIMUN

A delegate asks a question to the resolution sponsor in the Conference of the Parties 17

Delegates in Nero's Retainers 68 A.D. ponder the next course of action after their spy has been assassinated (arm in center of table)

Zulfilkar Ali Bhutto (Huntington Beach High School) asserts himself during caucus on the Restructuring Pakistan Democracy joint crisis cabinet

Delegates editing in their draft resolution

Delegates discuss ideas during caucus

UNESCO delegates having fun during caucus

The same set of UNESCO delegates were having so much fun that they wanted another picture on Best Delegate

Here are the NAIMUN-provided crisis update videos:

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