NAIMUN Liveblog: Do NAIMUN Delegates Work Harder than College Champions?

by KFC on February 19, 2011

My colleague Ryan Villanueva was liveblogging at the Harvard National Model United Nations (HNMUN) college conference this weekend and wrote an article about why college delegates work so hard to win the college championship.

But from my experience going around NAIMUN, the high school delegates here work as hard if not harder during caucus. Many delegates spend their time sitting on the floor debating and drafting resolutions. Take a look as I stroll outside the hallway:

If that wasn’t enough evidence already, here are more photos of ground-level caucusing below.

Sponsors go double duty with two laptops in the bloc

Writing and typing on the floor

Even the dais staff use the floor to sort out all the position papers

Also, check out the NAIMUNĀ Committees in Action photo blog andĀ UNDP appreciation post for more committee photos!

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