NAIMUN Liveblog: Special Appreciation to Our Friends in UNDP

by KFC on February 20, 2011

One of my favorite things about visiting different conferences is meeting Best Delegate readers. NAIMUN’s United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Chair Deven Comen and Director Joan Xie are among those readers and we wanted to thank them with their own special blog post apart from the Committees in Action photo blog.

Deven recently found out about the site recently and shared the resources page with delegates who had emailed her questions about committee leading up to the conference. Joan has actually been one of our earliest readers — since around 2008 —  and we’re grateful for all the support from our her as well as our other first fans that have helped us get to where we are today.

To Deven, Joan, and all other Best Delegate readers: thank you.

The incredibly awesome UNDP dais

You can also tell that their delegates enjoyed committee — they were working outside in the hallways after committee session had already ended and were doing so with smiles on their faces.

UNDP delegates having fun working overtime

Placards go up in UNDP

Glad everyone in UNDP had a good time!

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