NAIMUN Opening Ceremonies: What You Should Get Out of Model UN

by KFC on February 18, 2011

Secretary-General Jagmeet Singh speaks at NAIMUN Opening Ceremonies

Georgetown kicked off the 48th session of the North American Invitational Model United Nations (NAIMUN) conference in Washington, DC, this weekend.

Their opening ceremonies was not just a typical welcome though — each speaker and video had a purpose behind it, and that purpose was to let delegates know that they should get something out of their Model UN experience this weekend.

Best Delegate selected four video clips from Opening Ceremonies that convey this message.

First, Secretary-General Jagmeet Singh welcomes delegates and explain why delegates — regardless of their academic or career interests — participate in Model UN:

GIRA President Brandon Butterworth also spoke about how he had attended NAIMUN as a delegate and how Model UN showed him how he could change the world — and how delegates can take a principled stand this weekend to fight for their ideals:

Keynote speaker and former Congressman Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.) spoke about how he had the opportunity to do “Mock United Nations” back in his days at his small high school in Nebraska and the impact Model UN has on students:

Finally, NAIMUN played a conference introduction video that called for delegates to “Stand Up” this weekend:

We’ve noticed a ton of powerhouse programs at this conference — but also a lot of first-time NAIMUN attendees — and we want to wish all delegates good luck and have fun this weekend!

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