National High School Model United Nations (NHSMUN) 2012 Liveblog

by KFC on March 12, 2012

NHSMUN takes place in the United Nations Headquarters

Over 3,000 delegates attended the 38th session of the National High School Model United Nations (NHSMUN) conference in New York. Hosted by the International Model United Nations Association (IMUNA), staff from many universities and delegates from schools around the world got to experience a MUN in the UN Headquarters for committee and closing ceremonies.

IMUNA takes pride in the educational experience and focuses on the learning aspect of the conference. Click below to see highlights of the conference including Shulamith Koenig leading the human rights pledge during Opening Ceremonies, photos of delegates and staff in action, video of several General Assembly Plenary speeches at the UN, and the delegation award winners!

Opening Ceremonies

Opening Ceremonies at the Hilton Hotel featured keynote speaker Shulamith Koenig, the recipient of the 2003 UN Human Rights Award. Watch the video below, particularly at the end when she has the entire room of 3,000 delegates stand up to make a pledge towards fighting for human rights.

Haverhill High School students are excited for NHSMUN!

Majorie Stoneman Douglas High School students are ready for NHSMUN

Cerritos is ready for primetime on the East Coast. Cerritos brought all all-junior team; the rest of its team was at Berkeley BMUN on the same weekend.

Delegates and Staff in Action

Like usual, I take photos of delegates and staff in action with a focus on delegates that were leading debate and having fun at the conference! The latter is important, especially since NHSMUN focuses on the educational experience of the conference.

Security Council delegates work on their resolutions

The African Union Mission in Somalia chairs help the delegates through their many directives


A delegate in the African Union Mission in Somalia is enjoying the conference

Delegates in action in the African Union Mission in Somalia

ICJ chair Erica Li observes the justices as they draft their arguments

ICJ justices discuss their ideas with each other

Luxembourg (University Hill Secondary School) tries to convince Germany and France to bail out other countries in the future in the European Union

CCPCJ chairs Ryan Youra and Sean Gilrain lead the committee


Germany (Cerritos High School) pitches her amendment to the CCPCJ

Delegates listen closely to the amendments being presented in the CCPCJ

Delegates work on their proposals in the World Bank

A delegate is engaged in negotiations in the World Bank

Another delegate is actively negotiating on the resolution in the World Bank

Delegates go over their resolution together before submitting it in the World Bank

The World Bank was among the most active committees in unmoderated caucus. A delegate lobbies with another delegate over several chairs here.

Delegates caucus in UNESCO


Delegates seek the advice of chair Puja Dullabh in UNESCO

Delegates draft their amendments together. NHSMUN had delegates write them directly onto big sticky papers so that they can be posted up for everyone to read.

Delegates are enjoying NHSMUN

The ECOFIN dais did a great job answering delegates' questions, specifically when the attention turned toward World Bank voting rights

The United Kingdom (East Brunswick High School) asks a good question to the speaker in ECOFIN

Tunisia (D.T.N. Aristotele/Peano) also asks a question in ECOFIN

Japan and Germany (both from Cerritos High School) speak in favor of their resolution in DISEC

India (Viktor Rydberg) makes a speech in DISEC

Delegates discuss different amendments during unmoderated caucus

The DISEC dais helps answer questions from delegates during unmoderated caucus

The delegates representing Lebanon (Scarsdale High School) are big fans of Best Delegate!

A delegate from Cerritos practices her Italian with a delegate from Italy between sessions. NHSMUN was attended by students from around the world.


UNEP chairs Elaine Song and Glenn Cantave smile for the camera

Delegates in the NGO Forum in action

Delegates in the Commission for Science and Technology Development analyze different amendments

Delegates having fun at NHSMUN

General Assembly Plenary

The foundation-hosted conferences such as NHSMUN, GCIMUN, and THIMUN tend to be more accurate in terms of simulating the United Nations experience and that includes the General Assembly Plenary session as the last committee session. The leading delegates in each committee got to sit in the UN to explain why they are in favor or against the resolutions and then delegates got to use the GA Hall voting board to vote! Here are some speeches and photos from the session:

Undersecretary-General Elizabeth Brunton helps guide the General Assembly main committees through their resolutions

Hungary (Instituto Andes de Caracas) makes a speech in the General Assembly hall

Delegates from D.T.N. are proud to represent the Republic of the Congo at NHSMUN

Delegates from Mexico, the United States, and Venezuela enjoy meeting each other and conversing in Spanish


Delegates look up at the voting board to see if a resolution passed


All the IMUNA conferences focus on education over competition and NHSMUN is no exception. Secretary-General Max Ross emphasized that Model UN is not about earning a grade or winning a competition, but rather gaining experiences that will empower students to make change in the real world.

Secretary-General Max Ross speaks during NHSMUN Closing Ceremonies in the UN General Assembly Hall

Note that there were a few changes to the delegation awards this year. They doubled the number of delegation awards they gave out in each category and the awards were given to schools regardless of size. At Best Delegate, we think these are both very positive changes to the awards system. The 2012 delegation awards went to:

Award of Distinction:

  • Centennial High School (Georgia)
  • Cerritos High School (California)
  • Highland Park High School (Illinois)
  • Richland Northeast High School (South Carolina)

Award of Excellence:

  • Brighton High School (Utah)
  • Chicagoland Jewish High School (Illinois)
  • Deerfield High School (Illinois)
  • East Brunswick High School (New Jersey)

Award of Merit:

  • Bay Shore High School (New York)
  • Franklin High School (New Jersey)
  • Hunter College High School (New York)

Best Foreign Schools:

  • Aspaen Gymnasio (Colombia)
  • Instituto Andes de Caracas (Venezuela)
  • Nigerian Secondary School (Nigeria)

Research Awards:

  • Cerritos High School (California)
  • Franklin High School (New Jersey)
  • Richland Northeast High School (South Carolina)

The Norway Mission to the United Nations sponsored the second annual Trygve Lie Challenge winner. Schools had to come up with posters for the Rio+20 Conference and would have their posters displayed there for diplomats to see. One school was particularly outstanding and won the Trygve Lie Challenge award:

  • Carlisle High School (Pennsylvania)

Carlisle High School won the Trygve Lie Challenge and their poster will be among those featured at the upcoming Rio+20 conference

Richland Northeast High School celebrated winning the one of the Awards of Distinction and one of the Research Awards.

CBTIS I37 from Mexico gets a team picture at the UN General Assembly Hall

Congrats to the NHSMUN staff for a successful conference!

Congrats to all the delegates and staff for an excellent conference!!

  • Anonymous

    Do you happen to have any footage on the Economic & Social Council Planary Session?

    • Kevin Felix Chan

      Hi Febreze, I only took footage of the GA Plenary session and unfortunately I don’t have anything from ECOSOC. Hopefully someone else does so they can share?

  • Daniela Castillo

    Do you maybe have more photos of the Economic and Financial Committee?

    • Kevin Felix Chan

      Hi Daniela, Those were most of the photos I took from ECOFIN. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to spend much time in the committee.

  • Anonymous

    Hi! I was a delegate in Unesco Committe, do you have more photos of my Committe?? Thanks

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