NCSC Liveblog: West Point Elected President of China plus Interview with Harvard

by Ryan on October 31, 2010

Mr. Smooth

At the National Collegiate Security Conference, West Point delegate Warren Geary was elected General-Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party:

The committee also held a karaoke competition to raise money for NCSC’s charity drive. After watching Warren sing, it’s easy see how he got elected — the man is smooth:

The committee concluded with its own closing ceremonies. The dais played the wrong song at first and they were “shamed” by the delegates. But I was surprised to find the entire committee singing China’s national anthem — even those who don’t speak Chinese!

I had a chance to interview Rodolfo Diaz of Harvard University about his thoughts on the committee’s authenticity:

You can also see the committee’s opening ceremonies here and my interview of the chair here, as well as on the Best Delegate YouTube Channel.

What did you think of the committee? Let us know in the comments!

  • KFC

    I continue to be impressed by how authentic and fun this committee is! Thanks for covering this!

  • Ali

    Can you send me the china – majlis showdown / post it online?

    -Chair of the majlis

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  • janet jocson

    This is a great showdown. Having a karaoke competition to raise money for the charity is a nice idea! I always sing at karaoke bar and always practice singing at home using my Karaoke scheduler. Some people says I got a horrible voice. LOL!

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