NCSC Liveblog: Opening Ceremonies Encouraged Students to Join the Foreign Service and Intelligence Agencies

by KFC on October 28, 2011

Philip S. Goldberg encouraged students to join the foreign service or intelligence agencies during his keynote speech at NCSC

Georgetown kicked off its 39th annual National Collegiate Security Conference (NCSC) on Thursday. Best Delegate will be liveblogging the conference and NCSC will be liveblogging too at NCSC News.

The Opening Ceremonies included a keynote speech from the Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of Intelligence and Research, Philip S. Goldberg. He spoke about his career in the foreign service and intelligence agencies and encouraged attendees to join. Many delegates seemed interested judging by how many of them raised their hands when he asked who wanted to get into either field and by how many delegates approached him after his speech.

Afterward, Secretary-General Micahel Lopesciolo and Executive Director Christine Shely highlighted what makes NCSC special and fun: dynamic crises, vibrant nightlife during Halloween weekend, and events that you can only get in DC such as Trick-or-Treating on Embassy Row.

NCSC feels like a big reunion so far. I got to see friends and meet new delegates from American, Columbia, Florida State, George Washington, Gettysburg, McGill, Mount Holyoke, West Point, U. Chicago, Delaware, U. Penn, Yale, and of course Georgetown so far. I hope to meet more delegates over the weekend and more leaders at the Conference Leadership Summit.

Here are two team photos for starters:

McGill rocking their team colors at NCSC

Mount Holyoke College is excited for NCSC!

Good luck to all the delegates and have fun this weekend!

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