New Conference in NYC: Change the World Model United Nations

by KFC on November 25, 2011

Check out a new Model UN conference held in New York City for university and high school students called Change the World Model United Nations hosted by Diplomatici Association from Italy!

“Diplomatici Association” is an educational and training school made up of students, teachers, university lecturers and young professionals. Since 2000 it fosters the participation of Italian students (from middle to secondary schools, and universities) in the Model United Nations (MUN), the well known simulations of multilateral processes reproducing the action and works of the main United Nations organs. It’s been the first public body to take part in a MUN and since 2009 it has officially been sole Italian partner of UNA USA-UN Foundation.

Founded during the year 2000 in Catania, firstly linked solely with the local University, today its presence is witnessing a massive growth, with centres all over the national territory. It also benefits from the patronage of renowned academic and scholastic institutions. Nowadays Diplomatici constitutes the only European body accredited by the United Nations Association of the United States of America (UNA USA) and by the National Collegiate Conference Association inc. (NCCA) for middle and high schools, as well as universities.

After a ten-year experience and the urge into a new mission to promote the right for students International mobility, Diplomatici has carried out a new project aiming at representing the top project among the others.

CWMUN is the first academic simulation organized in New York by a non-American Association. Thanks to the strong collaboration between the association and UNA USA, thanks to the learning model Global Classroom, the project puts under the spotlight the training model on which the experiences linked to Model United Nations are based. It gets strength not just from the contents, but above all from the aptitude of stirring up and focusing on the personal and relational features of the individual. The possibility of competition with other people and the attempt to convince them that your ideas are the best even if they represent different cultural and political interests, require a deep knowledge of cultural identities. The respect of such differences, without ever giving up to a constructing criticism, the skill of problem solving, the determinations in defending your position without ever refusing to confront with the other’s ones, these are essential elements in order to obtain a diffused approval and establish the practice of a positive leadership. Such model being constantly enforced, with the English language as main instrument in a fully international background, it represents the very distinguishing mark for a productive entrance in the field of global working. CWMUN offers to thousands of students an efficient training ground based on the method called ‘’learning by doing’’.

Change the World Model United Nations, the first Model UN that will debate about human rights and renewable energies to be held at the Grand Hyatt of New York City from March 27th to April 2nd involving high school and college students.


Committees represented at the CWMUN 2012:

University: General Assembly Third, Security Council, World Health Organization, UN-HABITAT, International Court of Justice.

School: General Assembly, Security Council, United Nations Environment Programme.



All students officially enrolled in high schools and universities can apply to this competition.

The students not of age at the time of departure can take part in all the stages of the project by means of an escape clause signed by their parents or by who exert parental authority. Send an email to  HYPERLINK “” or  HYPERLINK “” for more information.

Registrations are open until November 30th 2011.



Diplomatici is looking for college students who would like to take part in the conference as volunteer staff at the following conditions:

  • Participation in Change the World Model UN 2012 as volunteer staff with the accommodation for 3 days and 2 nights at the Grand Hyatt hotel of New York;
  • A bonus of 100 dollars for each student (from outside Italy) recruited for the Conference as delegate;
  • A week of training course for CWMUN 2013 senior staff to be held in Catania (Italy) in summer 2012 with hotel accommodation for 6 days and 5 nights and return flight to Italy for the recruitment of 18 students (from outside Italy) for CWMUN 2012 as delegates;
  • A week of training course for CWMUN 2013 senior staff to be held in Catania (Italy) in summer 2012 with hotel accommodation for 6 days and 5 nights for the recruitment of 10 students (from outside Italy) for CWMUN 2012 as delegates;

All the applications must be sent to with a motivational letter: all the students applying for the volunteer staff will be interviewed on line for the evaluation of personal abilities and competences. Deadline for application November 20th , 2011.

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  • Anonymous

    I was 1 of the ~1500 University- and High School- Students present in the 2013 CWMUN Conference in New York City and I am truly upset with the whole organisation of the Conferences by ‘Associazione Diplomatici’ and would NEVER recommend anyone I know to go with them, but I would strongly suggest to choose another organisation to go with in New York and at the NMUN (National Model United Nations)! The ‘Associazione Diplomatici’ staff was highly UNSKILLED and NOT PRESENT during conferences and organisation was truly horrible and disgraceful. Especially for the very high price that we had to pay in order to participate to the conferences (CWMUN NY + NMUN NY), the whole organisation + preparation + accomodation (DISGRACE! 4 people in a 2 persons bedroom with just 2 SMALL BEDS TO SHARE WITH A COMPLETE STRANGER!!!) + organisation of transfer and conferences + staff help and courtesy was really bad! The staff was there just to be on vacation! The majority of the staff members were having holidays, breaks and were clubbing ALL NIGHTS and therefore were Hangover the whole morning, the behavior was UNACCEPTABLE!!. Presence was a rareness and the competence was really really low. The majority of them could not even speak correct English and they are really young (around 18-25), about the same or LOWER than the age of many of the participants! Another Shameful fact is that all the money the participants gave to the Association could not be seen anywhere as everything was kept on a very low level (missing sheets of the proposals for the voting session, ACCOMODATION, no materials AT ALL, etc.). Furthermore it was not clear AT ALL why the Italian Fire department (and 2 firemen + Chief of Italian Fire Department) was present during the conferences! Why do we have to pay accomodation + tickets for them too!? The Prefect (NO ONE KNOWS OF WHAT OR WHY HE WAS THERE) was also present, naturally with wife and/or some members of family… THIS was all a shameful and disgraceful act by Associazione Diplomatici and this small comment (that does not include all shameful acts by diplomatici) is just the beginning of a series of complaints against this shameful money-robbing of people.


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