New Year’s Resolution… Resolution!

by lizabell on January 1, 2016

New years memeResolution 2016/1/1

Committee: Model United Nations

Topic: MUN Goals for the New Year

Sponsors: The Best Delegate Team, MUNI Alumni, Collegiate Model UNers

Signatories: Our fans (Hopefully!)


The Model United Nations community,

Confident Best Delegate will produce content for delegates to better their MUN and leadership skills,

Desiring delegates to bring the best out in themselves through Model UN,

Deeply convinced that the goals set forth will be accomplished by the end of the year,

Encouraging fans to click  the hyperlinks in Resolution 2016/1/1 for great articles!,

Welcoming all fans to share their MUN goals in the comments,

1. Encourages all delegates to work on their public speaking and leadership skills (Don’t be afraid!) by:

a. being involved in conference planning,

b. raising their placard to be added to the speaker’s list,

c. working in a bloc to contribute ideas to a resolution;

2. Expresses its hope to find better ways to communicate complex ideas by:

a. doing comprehensive research before conferences,

b. discussing conference plans with fellow MUNers;

3. Has resolved to use the word, “comprehensive” less than five times a day and limit “filler words”;

4. Approves of being respectful of other delegates by:

a. keeping placards down when another delegate is speaking,

b. not cross-talking when another delegate is speaking,

c. maintaining decorum;

5. Encourages delegates to be recognized at their next conference by their fellow delegates for their hard work and skills;

6. Supports encouraging fellow delegates to participate in the committee sessions; and

7. Decides to remain actively seized in bettering and growing Best Delegate in order to accomplish these goals from our fans.

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