NHSMUN Liveblog: UNDP Moderated Caucus

by KFC on March 11, 2011

Delegates got right into the action after Opening Ceremonies. I always enjoying visiting United Nations Development Program committees at different conferences (e.g. UNDP at Georgetown NAIMUN) and I spent some time checking out moderated caucus at the UNDP committee at NHSMUN. Here are photos of delegates making comments — see if you or your friend made the photo blog!

Laos (St. John's Prep) is excited about moderated caucus

Delegates raising placards to get the chance to speak

A delegate takes a question from the committee

United States makes a point from her notes

Spain emphasizes his point

Chad addresses the committee

Kenya makes good use of hand gestures while speaking

Turkey is excited to make his comment

Bangladesh asks some questions to the committee

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