North America’s Best High School Model UN Teams: 2011-2012 Spring Rankings Top 50

by KFC on April 15, 2012

Cape Coral High School and other teams in the top 50 have strong profiles that include delegation awards at large conferences

Which high schools have the best Model UN team in North America? We devised a rankings system that answers this question in order to recognize the top teams on the circuit for their accomplishments.

Please read the methodology article first before jumping into the rankings. We clarify in the article our purpose for doing rankings, our philosophy that drives what we value in the rankings, and our methodology.

With that said, here are the Top 50 Model UN teams in North America! Please keep into perspective that being ranked anywhere in our entire top 150 already puts these teams in the top 10% of all schools that attended Model UN conferences this year.

North America’s Best High School Model UN Teams: 2011-2012 Spring Rankings Top 50 “Outstanding Delegations”

All of these programs have either won or contended for delegation awards at one of the most competitive conferences or won a large delegation award at a large or regional conference. Most of them have a solid profile with achievements across several conferences including a major conference outside of their geographic region, and that means we’re beginning to see some head-to-head matchups at this level in the rankings. Nevertheless, most of these teams earned their distinctions from different conferences and the scores still have relatively marginal differences between them so we decided to tier the entire top 26-50 instead of ranking them by individual places. Here is the methodology.

We will note that five teams in this category had scores that were closer to the bottom of the top 25 than the rest of this group and we wanted to give them name recognition here (in alphabetical order): Bergen County Academies, Cape Coral High School, Colegio Puertoriqueño de Niñas, Elmont Memorial High School, and Liberty Public Schools.

The Top 50 (26-50) listed alphabetically:

  • Beekmantown High School (New York)
  • Bergen County Academies (New Jersey)
  • Brighton High School (Utah)
  • California High School – San Ramon (California)
  • Cambridge-Isanti School (Minnesota)
  • Cape Coral High School (Florida)
  • Chicagoland Jewish High School (Illinois)
  • Colegio Puertoriqueño de Niñas (Puerto Rico)
  • Culver Academies (Indiana)
  • Dana Hall School (Massachusetts)
  • Elmont Memorial High School (New York)
  • Fox Chapel Area High School (Pennsylvania)
  • Laguna Hills High School (California)
  • Liberty Public Schools (Missouri)
  • Miss Porter’s School (Connecticut)
  • Pharr-San Juan-Alamo North High School (Texas)
  • Phillips Academy (Massachusetts)
  • Radnor High School (Pennsylvania)
  • Santa Margarita Catholic High School (California)
  • Scarsdale High School (New York)
  • Solon High School (Ohio)
  • The Hotchkiss School (Connecticut)
  • The Roxbury Latin School (Massachusetts)
  • Upper Canada College (Ontario, Canada)
  • Wayland Academy (Wisconsin)

Results are through April 1, 2012. Final rankings will be released in June after all conferences have taken place. Congratulations to all the teams so far!

Also, check out the top 51-100 and the top 101-150!

  • Hai Bai

    when 1-25 finna drop?

  • Richard Kang

    BCA! Home of Sib Mahapatra (Yale), Iliya Gutin (Chicago), Kevin Mu (Princeton), Sang Park and Kevin Lee (Harvard), Meril Pothen and Richard Kang (Cornell) tearing up the secretariats!!

    • Joshua Meier

      Yes! Congratulations to all from BCA! Excellent job, team!

    • Meril Pothen

      SO proud. What a power team, and getting better every year!

    • Richard Kang

      i dont even know how many chairs we’ve produced over the years

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