Nottingham International Model United Nations 2012

by Fozan Ghalib on November 26, 2012

The following recap was provided with the help of Saurabh Tripathi (Under Secretary General NottsMUN 2012) and NottsMUN 2012 Media for the photos!

SOCHUM delegates discuss during an unmoderated caucus on the Saturday.

The University of Nottingham’s MUN Society hosted its 5th annual Nottingham International Model United Nations (NottsMUN) from 16th-18th November 2012. For the first time in five years, NottsMUN was hosted in Nottingham’s University Park Campus, the greenest university campus in the world. Widely recognized as one of the best fresher’s conferences, NottsMUN 2012 aimed to provide a truly international experience, with delegates and chairs traveling from as far as Russia and the UAE to the beautiful and historic city of Nottingham.

NottsMUN 2012’s topics had been carefully researched and selected to reflect the world’s most pressing current issues. From trademark committees such as the Future Security Council, to more recent ones such as the INTERPOL, delegates debated across a wide spectrum of 9 committees, a conference record!

NottsMUN is widely appreciated for the nature and quality of its socials, and our 5th anniversary specials didn’t fail to overwhelm delegates. While The Drinks Reception was held at the iconic Pitcher and Piano, a deconsecrated church in the heart of Nottingham’s lace market, the NottsMUN Formal was hosted at the stunning East Midlands Conference Centre! Representing Cuba in the WHO, Clara said “I have been to a couple of formal dinners earlier and I have to say: It was the best. Smooth atmosphere and delicious food. Good job”. With a signature jazz band performance and some Bollywood dance, the night entertained each in its own way.

After a weekend of intense debates and negotiations, it was certain that the chairs would have a tough time selecting the award winners! The awards went to:

  • Best Large Delegation: University of Reading

  • Best Small Delegation: University College London

Congratulations to all the Best Delegates, Most Diplomatic Delegates and Honourable Mentions at NottsMUN’12! We wish you good luck ahead.

Alongside all the fun in the committee sessions, there also was a Gangnam Style war between ECOFIN and EAS-Crisis, on who does it better! With several assassinations and the formation of an entirely new nation – Sindomalay, following Singapore and Malaysia’s loss of independence, the East Asia Summit proved to be an epic crisis.

Some funny one-liners from NottsMUN’12:

  • In the INTERPOL committee, while debating the draft resolution – “Let’s see how we can try and make terrorism better…wait what?”

  • China in ECOFIN committee – “One financial disaster after another – thanks USA!”

  • In the UNEP, delegate of India speaking in favour of abolishing the meat industry – “Respect the holy cow!”

  • Delegate of Russia in the FSC- “If the USA can target a suitcase, it is ever more dangerous for us!

To check out the Gangnam Style dance of Crisis Committee, follow this link:

The Engineering and Science Learning Centre of the university was host to NottsMUN 2012’s committee sessions

NottsMUN Logistics Officers helping out with Delegate Registration.

Mr. Vincenzo Raimo, Director of the International Office at the University of Nottingham, was the Guest Speaker at the Opening Ceremony

Influential environmental economist and UNEP Goodwill Ambassador, Mr. Pavan Sukhdev was the Key Note Speaker at NottsMUN 2012

Shivani Shah was the Chief Reporter of the hugely entertaining and lively NottsMUN Media Team

Chief Logistics Officer, Lucinda Chow at the Registration Desk

The INTERPOL committee poses with the UN flag, after successfully passing their resolution

Future Security Council Director, Stephen Wan does the Gangnam Style at the NottsMUN Formal!

The Drinks Reception was held at the iconic Pitcher and Piano; a deconsecrated church in Nottingham’s famed Lace Market.

ECOFIN’s directors – Nimrah Rao, Usman Saleem and Elena Falcettoni pose during an unmoderated caucus.

After the long committee sessions, delegates taking a break during lunch.

The Moonlighter’s Big Band with their splendid jazz act at the NottsMUN Formal.

Delegate of Pakistan sings for his co-delegates in the ECOFIN committee

Directors of the International Labour Organisation – Natasha Behary and Nishna Bheeroo spotted at the formal.

Draft Resolution writing in the WHO committee.

UNEP Best Delegate, Ed Hopkins of University of Reading, making his point! 

Heena Mohammed from the University of Manchester won an Honourable Mention representing Jordan in the DISEC committee.

UNEP delegates pose for a committee picture

The NottsMUN Media Team interacts with chairs during an unmoderated caucus.

ILO’s crazy group picture!

DISEC delegates group together with their chairs for a committee picture.

UCL’s 8-member delegation won the Best Small Delegation Award at NottsMUN 2012!

The Best Large Delegation went to the University of Reading with a majority of their delegates winning awards! Congratulations!

All in all, NottsMUN 2012 proved to be a fantastic and enriching experience for those who attended. At the sound of the gavel officially declaring the Fifth Annual Session of the Nottingham International Model United Nations closed, there was an odd mixture of feelings. On one hand, we were saying goodbye to all of the wonderful people we had met over the weekend. On the other, there is an acknowledgment that we will all meet again in the MUN ‘circuit’ and as such, we will continue to come together and discuss the worlds most pressing issues, and be active participants of the solution for the problems of today and of tomorrow.

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