One World, One Humanity. Amity International Model United Nations 2014

by Limaben Jamir on January 23, 2015

(This article was submitted by Anubhav Chakravorty, Participant and Member of the International Press Team, AIMUN 2014)

The fifth session of the Amity International Model United Nations commenced on the 13th day of November, 2014. The theme of the event was “One World, One Humanity”, coined with hopes of bringing about a feeling of unity and oneness amongst all the nations and schools participating, and addressing the greater cause of such an initiative. The opening ceremony kick started on an auspicious and traditional Indian note with the lamp lighting, the melodious greeting by the girls from Amitasha (an Amity initiative for the underprivileged girl child) and a special movie by the students of Amity International School, Saket that captured the five year journey of the AIMUN.

The keynote speakers took to the podium with their riveting speeches in presence the dais that was graced by esteemed dignitaries, namely: Dr. (Mrs) Amita Chauhan, the Chairperson of Amity Schools; HE Darja Bandaz Kuret, Ambassador of Slovenia; Armoogum Parsuramen, Former Director of the UNESCO, Shovana Narayan, Padmashri & Kathak Danseuse; Ashok Sajjanhar, Former Ambassador of India to Kazakhstan, Sweden and Latvia and Ms. Divya Chauhan, Chairperson ASFA, ASFT and ASPA.

The MUN had over 500 delegates from various leading schools of the Delhi NCR and other parts of India, delegations from France, Italy, Slovakia, Maldives, South Africa and Maldives and had 6 of the standard committees: UNHRC (United Nations Human Rights Council), GA (General Assembly), ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council), IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), SC (Security Council) and HGA (Historical General Assembly) with two additional special committees: The AIPPM (All India Political Parties Meet), that consisted of the delegates representing leaders of India’s various political parties, engaging in the most unconventional diplomatic discussions on Police Reforms in India and the Women Reservation Bill and the IWA 2018 (Indian War Cabinet 2018), a Continuous Crisis Committee (CCC), that consisted of delegates representing various defence positions in the country, headed by the Chair representing the Prime Minister discussing the Border War with China in 2018.

Responsive delegates at the HGA - Photo Credit: Shaurya Chopra

An enthusiastic delegate at the Indian War Cabinet 2018 Photo Credit: Uday Bassi

Opening up a vast, academic platform for the delegates in the field of public speaking, formal carriage and diplomatic debating; a platform for leadership and administration for the Executive Board; and one of creativity and experience for the young reporters, the AIMUN 2014 witnessed extravagant debates in a well-arranged set-up with the continual assistance of the International Press team, the Information Technology team, the Logistics team and the Conference Staff in the vast 60 acre campus of Amity University in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

With the newbies getting acquainted to the procedures and the experienced MUN’ers already lobbying, the first day saw delegates battle it out for that pricey first impression of the already frustrated Executive Board (trying repeatedly, to guide the discussions to a more fruitful direction), ones who had established that their socializing was a higher priority and the delegates that kept hogging on the authentic North Indian cuisine provided during committee, throughout.

An Un-Mod at the HGA - Photo Credit: Shaurya Chopra

The second day was far less active, with some of the delegates sleeping and playing Counter Strike on their laptops, the Executive Board was all eyes to the participants who still persevered. The Delegate Dance in the evening seemed to lighten everyone up substantially and bring about a sense of togetherness as everyone got along in a more casual setting. There were authentic performances from the participating nations which gave them a platform to showcase what defines their country best. Students from Amity international School, Pushp Vihar then took the opportunity to showcase an authentic Indian dance routine after which the ambience got rather informal and everyone blended in. “One World, One Humanity” indeed.

Miscellaneous awards were handed out by the Press team for delegates that they thought deserved some unconventional, special attention to arouse a feeling of informality in the serious, “poker face” set up.This was followed by the closing ceremony, graced by Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan, Founder President of Amity Universe; Dr. (Mrs) Amita Chauhan Chairperson of Amity Group of Schools; Mr. Atul Chauhan, Chancellor of Amity University, Noida; Dr. Anantha Duraiappah, Director of UNESCO, MGIEP; HE Mohammad Naseer, High Commissioner of Maldives and Major General GD Bakshi, a combat veteran. The closing ceremony featured a musical rendition of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’, the speeches by members of the dais, a video made by the Information Technology team that captured the entire experience of the AIMUN 2014, the prize/plaque distribution and a final note of thanks.

The Amity International Model United Nations 2014 ended with a feeling of oneness amongst all present, not failing to acknowledge the values of India’s roots at the same time. It brought to light the prime motive of hosting an event as captivating as an MUN: the contribution of the youth to not solely their country, or society or school but to the world. The world to which they are all bound as a common denominator.

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