In the 10 years of Best Delegate (1)

Happy 10th Anniversary to Best Delegate! Over these past ten years of teaching Model UN to students worldwide, Best Delegate has changed greatly with new articles and innovative programs. The world has changed greatly in many ways […]

Before vs. After My First MUNI Conference

by Cassidy Baratta on November 30, 2017

Model United Nations is an incredible way to meet new people and develop your social/public speaking skills, and learn more about international affairs. As a delegate, you never stop learning new ways to improve for […]

How To Do Well In a Model UN Crisis Committee

by Rohan Arora on November 29, 2017

crisis model united nations

What is Crisis? While traditional General Assembly and Specialized committees operate on a static timeline, Crisis does not. Instead, the actions the delegates take directly affect each update and influence the eventual end result of the […]

Introducing: The Future We Want MUN Conference

by Katrina Stevenson on November 27, 2017


From March 9-11, 2018, high school and university delegates are invited to participate in a Model UN conference held entirely at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City. The Future We Want Model United Nations […]

7 MUN Inventions that Need to be Created, Stat

by Zoey Fisher on November 27, 2017


  Placard Arm I’m sure every delegate has  experienced the pain of raising their placard with one arm, while trying to write semi-legible notes with the other. With this “Third Arm”, all of your placard raising […]

Delegates You See at the Thanksgiving Table

by Elaine Miao on November 25, 2017

Delegates You See at the Thanksgiving Table (1)

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone; for our folks in the United States, this may have meant a bustling dinner with family. While grabbing some stuffing and casserole, one may glance around the table and […]

5 Resolutions We Could All Use in Everyday Life

by Kaitlyn Hammond on November 16, 2017


1. Resolution SPIN (Spinner Products Indefinitely Negated) A resolution to ban and get rid of fidget spinners completely.  Honestly, they’re more of a distraction than anything.  They were fun for maybe two weeks, and then […]

Greetings, fellow MUN enthusiasts! My name is Rose Jacobs, and it is my pleasure to serve as the Editor of Best Delegate’s MUNI Alumni Media Team for the 2017-18 year. Best Delegate, and my time […]

How to Succeed When Your Committee…Doesn’t Exist!

by Elaine Miao on November 8, 2017

How to Succeed in Fantasy Committees

Ah, fantasy committees: they are a truly polarizing sub-category of Model UN crisis committees. A common criticism of fantasy committees is how preposterous their topics are. However, when we really break down Model UN, all […]