MUN has an elitism problem: here’s how we fix it

by Sam Povey on February 23, 2017


Model UN has an elitism problem… . It’s both glaringly obvious and almost completely ignored. The students who participate overwhelmingly come from the wealthiest, most privileged parts of society: the sons and daughters of financiers, […]

Jake Hunter

The following post is an editorial interview between Aaron Kalafarski and Jake Hunter regarding Jake’s experience at a Model UN conference after expressing his frustrations following the Trump Administration’s Executive Order. The events discussed began on January […]

Topic Talks: Make Position Papers Great Again

by Sam Povey on February 22, 2017

Delegates in DISEC negotiate terms for a working paper on the militarization of the Arctic.

  Position papers are supposed to help delegates with pre-conference research but are seen by many as a chore. It’s a problem I’ve encountered countless times as a head delegate of MUN travel teams. I’ve […]


by Chea-Mun Tan on February 21, 2017


Over 3,500 high school students from approximately 200 schools gathered at the World Forum in The Hague, Netherlands to attend one of the largest Model UN conferences in the world, The Hague International Model United […]

Marta Canneri

The research skills that Model UN delegates learn are valuable in the workplace. In fact, professional research jobs exist for those who are research superstars! Marta Canneri, who served as the Secretary-General of McMUN 2016 […]

THIMUN 2017: Insights from a First-Timer

by Conna Walsh on February 20, 2017

THIMUN 2014 Opening ceremony

This guest article was provided by Felipe Félix Méndez, a junior at the International School of Panama. I was skeptical. Although I wanted to believe that I would have tried my best without the possibility of […]

Moderated Caucus: Crisis is better than GA

by Sam Povey on February 19, 2017


Welcome to Moderated Caucus, a new series from Best Delegate examining the questions that keep delegates, chairs and secretariats up at night. Should closing ceremonies have guest speakers? Does crisis actually count as MUN? How […]

Bi-Weekly UN Recap #1

by Joey Moore on February 18, 2017


Research is one of the main pillars of Model United Nations. Strong, up-to-date research can really set a delegate apart from the rest. We at Best Delegate understand the importance of research in a delegates […]

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Earlier this week on Monday, February 13th the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited the White House to discuss the strategic relationship between the United States and Canada. If you haven’t followed the story, here’s a 90 […]