PAKMUN’12 lives the dream!

by Fozan Ghalib on October 15, 2012

The following recap was provided with the help of Sakina Kavi, Director Media and Publications at PAKMUN 2o12.

Delegates from all over Pakistan were united to attend the first-ever Pakistan Model United Nations conference, set up in the city of Karachi.  PAKMUN entertained delegates from 12 different institutions from all across the nation, who tried their best to satisfy the interests of their respective countries, and made some life-long friends; making the four-day event a huge success.

One feature that set apart the PAKMUN conference from many other MUN conferences organised every year in Karachi was the fact that PAKMUN was the only conference giving room to not only private delegations but also individual delegates! Therefore, remaining true to its name, PAKMUN, was successful in displaying the true potential of the country in terms of debates, diplomacy and human resource.

Delegates make notes and jot down important points during their committee sessions, in the National Security Council of Pakistan committee room.

Moreover, credited to be on the database of was itself an achievement for the debut conference organised by the PAKMUN team. The PAKMUN’12 team consisting of dedicated and hardworking committee members and organizers alike who were solely recruited on the basis of their knowledge, merit and beyond excellent performances in a number of MUN conferences. The Secretariat takes pride in saying that they managed to unite each part of Pakistan through an MUN in Karachi which we proudly brand it as Pakistan Model United Nations.  This added an important ingredient to the PAKMUN success recipe.

PAKMUN committee sessions kicked off from the second when our zealous and confident delegates were sent to their respective committee rooms for some heated debates regarding current international dilemmas.

After a daylong of constructive yet fatiguing conferences, the delegates got a                            chance to unwind themselves, when they changed their attires from formal to flashy, in order to get into the spirit of Casino night cum Dance Party and the Movie Night! Delegates enjoyed a complete change in atmosphere as the venue for the PAKMUN conference turned into a casino house with dim lights and catchy tunes, on the second day of the event. The same conference hall, on the third day was transformed into a movie theater  when ‘21st Jump street’ was played on popular demand.

The conference sessions ended on the 7th of October, when tears of sweet sorrow flooded the eyes of delegates and organizers alike, who not only took home with them tons of experience, but also some sweet memories to be cherished for a lifetime.

The PAKMUN team congratulates all the outperforming delegates, and wishes them best of luck!

Delegation Awards:

  • Best Delegation:  Generation’s School Karachi


The first-ever PAKMUN conference entertained a total of 21 delegations.

Jam-packed audience at the official opening ceremony of PAKMUN’12, stand up to recite the national anthem.

The PAKMUN team of organizers work behind the scenes, to make the event possible.

Chairs of National Security Council of Pakistan, a specialized committee, judge the delegates in their committee session.

Members of NSCP, draft their resolution papers.

Participants show the placards of their assigned countries to the ECOFIN Committee Chairs.

Delegates of the UN Security Council committee, participate in an unmoderated caucus, discussing their ideas with fellow counterparts.

Entertainment session: Abdul Sattar Ansari, ACD SPECPOL, stole the show and hearts of many with his sexy yet amusing catwalk!

Committee Head of ECOFIN, Jalil Ahmed does his very-talked-about robotic dance, as the delegates, secretariat and organizers watch him in awe.

Participants enjoy a game of cards, at the Casino Night after a long day of tiring debates and committee sessions.

The PAKMUN team grooved to some catchy tunes at the Casino Night– Dance Party!

Our outstanding delegates were awarded with a token of appreciation at the Award Night Ceremony, on the last day of the event.

Students of Generations School, lift their trophy for the Best Delegation!

Delegates pose in front of the camera on the last day of the conference.

Congrats to Secretary-General Imaduddin Siddiqui and the staff on a successful conference! Credits goes to Sakina Kavi for the article and for helping with the photos.

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