Recap of the 10th Singapore International Model United Nations 2014

by Ellen on April 8, 2014

This conference recap was provided by Yashvi Gattani, Head Chair of the Environment Committee for SIMUN X 2014

Students participated in a variety of committees

Singapore International Model United Nations celebrated the 10th year since founding of the conference. The Lycée Français de Singapour (The French School of Singapore) annually hosts the international conference, it was held this year during 20-22 March, 2014. With over 20 participating schools, including schools not only from Singapore, but also from Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Bangkok. There were over 350 delegates participating and the conference was one of its best yet.
SIMUN stands out because the theme of the conference is to experiment, to take risks with your ideas and go beyond the clichés and common analogies. Experienced and new delegates feed off of each other’s energy, and push committees to a high level of passionate debate. Having attended three SIMUNs, both as a delegate and a student officer, the heart and soul of every individual adds to improve the standard. Therefore, delivering a spectacular conference that cannot be compared to any other.


One of the highlights from SIMUN is the unique and ubiquitous French touch. The opening ceremony began with keynote speeches from the SIMUN Director Colin Sellar, the French Ambassador of Singapore, and the guest of honor Vanessa Chan from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The colors of Blue, White, and Red flared across every committee room as the excitement and suspense of debate grew.

And debate was intense. For the first time, the Security Council launched the merging of an emergency resolution on the situation in Ukraine, with only 30 minutes to cooperate with the P5 nations and merge views to create a solution. In the Environment Committee, the controversial issue of nuclear energy could not reach a consensus, with the delegates of the Democratic Republic of Korea and South Korea fiercely fighting for their arguments. The second resolution on the issue finally passed.

Should Tobacco be legalized in the world? Let the voices of the Economical and Social Council decide how to regulate the production and sales of the harmful substance. With the recent scandal of Edward Snowden, the fragile matter of privacy, Internet censorship, and use of drones was ardently discussed in the Political Committee.


The delegates of the Holy See stirred up quite a lot of interest throughout the committee

The delegates of the Holy See stirred up quite a lot of interest throughout the committee

The one delegation that returning individuals have high expectations of is the Holy See (Vatican City). They answer “only to God,” sprinkle holy water on delegates, and assert boldly that the Lord Almighty can solve any issue. Imagine the uprising caused in the Human Rights Committee, during debate of the protection of LGBT rights, when Holy See grips the Christian Cross and retells the tale of Adam and Eve. The delegate disrupts every committee, with provocative yet humorous speeches, that lightens the spirit in the room.


General Assembly delegates from the Environment, Human Rights, ECOSOC, and Political Committees gather to enforce their ultimate arguments, and place their final vote. One would think this would be chaos, but the crisp, professional tone of the speeches corresponds to the dignified, high quality of debate till the last minute. The finale could not be more complete with all four resolutions passing. The bittersweet gratitude expressed by the Head of Press Corps, Securitaries, and the two Securities General.

Surprises never end at SIMUN X! The Student Officers march on stage during Closing Ceremony. The cocktail party is whole-heartedly affectionate as nobody wants to willingly wave goodbye to the friends they have made.

That warm, fuzzy feeling of MUN stays with you till the very end.






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