Recap: XII ONU Jr. in Brasil

by daniel.schulman on December 24, 2014

The following Recap was provided by Pedro Henrique Souza, the Secretary General of ONU Jr. 2014

From 19th to 22th November, ONU Jr. became the center of attention in the Brazilian High School MUN scene. Taking place at Fluminense Federal University, one of the biggest universities in Brazil, ONU Jr. held a conference that promised to build a unique way to simulate Model UN; and it certainly did.

ONU Jr. is a model aimed at High School students that occurs in the Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil, since the year of 2003. From 2008 on, it has happened in the city of Niteroi. ONU Jr. is the oldest High School MUN in Rio de Janeiro state and, differently from other conferences, it is completely independent. Its organization, as well as its participants, comes from the whole country, from South to North.

Valuing the academic quality, ONU Jr. had diverse members of its organization, including four Secretary-Generals, in the three editions of GMUN, the MUN organized by the own United Nations. With that, it was possible to train together with the UN team, bringing the rules of debates used in the United Nations. Through that, ONU Jr. became the Brazilian model holding closest approximation with the real procedures of the UN.

The 12nd edition of the event, in 2014, brought a new innovation to the Brazilian Model UN scenario. This year, the conference held a General Assembly, operating simultaneously four of its committees that were completely interconnected, joining the delegates to make their initial speech and to vote the resolutions.

This edition also counted with some traditional committees of ONU Jr., such as the UNSC debating the Afghanistan case, the UNHSC discussing the Cambodia conflict, and the press covering everything in real time.


UN General Assembly First Committee on Disarmament and International Security

Besides that, ONU Jr. also had polemic committees, such as the WHO discussing female genital mutilation, the Special Committee Against Apartheid and the 20th Congress of the Communist Party, re-simulating the meeting where Kruschev proffered the famous secret speech after Stalin’s death.


The 20th Congress of the Communist Party

Along with the debates, ONU Jr. always has series of parallel events, promoting social moments between its members. This year, it held a cultural party where delegates used stands to present their countries culture, with many pictures, food and characteristic ornaments. The Brazilian delegation also made a special dancing presentation. This year, the thematic party, inspired in the national culture, had as theme “Festa Junina” (June fest), a traditional celebration in Brazil, making the biggest “Arraiá” (party) from ONU Jr.

thematic party

The thematic party conceded the floor to traditional costumes, including clothes.

ONU Jr. keep growing, always looking for innovations and keeping the doors opened for new suggestions and ideas, as well as new committees.

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