SCSY Liveblog: Be Smart, Be Sharp, Be SCSY (Photoblog Part II)

by KFC on October 15, 2011

Delegates have been enjoying the crises at SCSY

The Security Council Simulation at Yale (SCSY) emphasizes its fast-paced, innovative crises and it seems like delegates are loving the conference — there were plenty of good comments at the Head Delegates meeting including delegates mentioning that their committee was the best they had ever been in. You can check out Part I of our photoblog, and Part II is below. Don’t forget to follow SCSY through their own social media including their FlickrTwitter, and Facebook.

The Philosopher Kings face the tyranny of Ravos, the new leader of the civilization:

The United States speaks at the UN Security Council

France, Gabon, Russia, United Kingdom, and South Africa draft resolutions in the UN Security Council

Venezuela provides some good ideas in the Organization of American States

Barbados (Harvard) leads the Organization of American States from his strategic position at the head of the table


Delegates get into heated debate in the IAEA

Chile (Colgate) smiles for the camera as she gains a supporter for her draft resolution in the IAEA

Delegates contemplate over potential solutions in the IAEA

A delegate motions to extend unmoderated caucus as the Department of Justice and BP are still very far apart in their attempt to negotiate a settlement over the Deepwater Horizon crisis

The owner of Wigan Athletic makes her argument in the Barclays Premier League

The owner of Queens Park Rangers (U. Penn) makes several points in the Barclays Premier League

The chairs of the Barclays Premier League (Greg Pennington of Gettysburg College and Sibjeet Mahapatra of Yale) send the draft resolutions back for editing as three sides of the committee come closer to a compromise

Lt. Gen James Clapper advises President Obama on the next course of action in the US National Security Council

Delegates read off a resolution in the Egyptian Cabinet 2011

Crisis director Marj Berman reads off directives submitted by the delegates in the Fall of the Soviet Union

Make SCSY Not War


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