SCSY Liveblog: Pre-Conference Meeting and Foursquare Prize!

by Ryan on October 14, 2010

SCSY Secretariat Reviews Last Minute Details for the Conference

Best Delegate is at Yale University this week to liveblog the Security Council Simulation at Yale (SCSY)! I had a chance to sit in on the Secretariat’s pre-conference meeting and everything looks great — this should be an exciting conference!

We are also on Foursquare! If you’re attending SCSY, add Best Delegate as a friend for tips on what to do around New Haven and in committee. Yale is my alma mater so I left plenty of good tips!

SPECIAL PRIZE: The Mayor of SCSY on Foursquare will win a SCSY T-shirt courtesy of Best Delegate! So check in!

And finally, I had a chance to ask one of SCSY’s chairs, Eesan Balakumar of the Paradise Lost Committee, what he’s looking forward to most for this conference — check it out below and on the Best Delegate YouTube channel!

Are you attending SCSY? Let us know what you’re looking forward to most in the comments!

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