SCSY Liveblog: Secretary-General Discusses Innovation in MUN

by Ryan on October 17, 2010

One thing I’ve really liked about this year’s Security Council Simulation at Yale is its willingness to innovate. Beyond running interesting committees, the SCSY staff has gone out of its way to try new things, particularly in social media — running its own liveblog, live streaming one of its committees, and using Twitter to deliver crisis updates.

The "G20" Committee Delivers Crisis Updates via Twitter

I had a chance to interview Secretary-General Dahlia Mignouna about innovation at SCSY, what’s the best part of being SecGen, and what MUN has meant to her.

I also interviewed Emmanuel Quartey, Assistant Secretary-General for Social Media, about how he executes SCSY’s social media strategy.

And SCSY’s willingness to innovate doesn’t stop at MUN:

SCSY's Innovation Knows No Bounds

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  • Nick

    “Why stop there? Let’s take it to the next level.”

    I like that. As well as the bicycle in the background of “The View”

    • Ryan

      lol thanks Nick! For my next interview, I’d like to have a live studio audience =P

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