SCSY Liveblog: U. Chicago and Roger Williams Interviews

by Ryan on October 16, 2010

Day 3 of the Security Council Simulation at Yale just wrapped up! The conference is going well, and now the delegates and staff are grabbing dinner and getting ready for Club Night!

Delegates Enjoy Free Pepsi in the PepsiCo Committee

There have been a ton of cool crisis updates (check them out on the SCSY blog!), but here’s one highlight:

In the “Paradise Lost” joint crisis committee, the Archangel Gabriel defected from Heaven to join Hell, but he was actually sent as a spy!¬†The only way he could return was to send the crisis staff a note containing a secret word, “EVEREST.”

However, the chair of Hell — Lucifer — reads every note and would have realized if Gabriel was trying to contact the crisis staff. So,¬†Gabriel pulled a diabolical move — he took one of the directives that the committee was about to pass, and he italicized different letters that spelled out the secret word, “EVEREST.” The committee passed the directive unknowingly, and you can hear Gabriel — Ben from the University of Chicago — describe what happened next in the video below:

After realizing what had happened, Lucifer — the ultimate trickster — was not happy about being tricked herself.

Lucifer (right) is Unhappy about Getting Tricked

I also had a chance to interview Jason from Roger Williams University about SCSY as his first MUN experience ever:

Check back tomorrow for my interview with the SCSY Secretary-General!

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